Wednesday, July 21, 2010

... of maternity clothes.

I don't know if I am a completely rare case (which I have a hard time believing), or there is just a very sad lack of petite maternity clothing out there.  I am now 21 weeks pregnant and I have purchased two pairs of maternity pants - both online - and been sadly disappointed that, unless I gain an absurd amount of weight in places other than my tummy,  I will never fit into them.  

Luckily, some of my pants / shorts are still able to receive the "hair tie - buttonhole" treatment, but I am quickly running out of options.  So now I have resorted to elastic pants, which are horribly unfashionable (and big) and making my own elastic pants, which are even more horribly unfashionable (but less big).   

To look more fashionable, I would have to spend approximately $150 and sweat my butt off in designer jeans - like Sevens or Citizens of humanity.  These are seemingly the only jeans that can be bought in an apparently unheard of combination of "25/maternity".  No, my waist is not a 25 anymore, but everything else on my lower half needs the 25 jeans and that just doesn't exist in very many affordable places.  Maybe I will suck it up and buy a pair.  This could be a good motivation for making sure that, through however many pregnancies I may go through in the future, I am always able to fit into my hecka expensive jeans.  Hmmm...could be an interesting self control tactic.

I guess that's the one thing I'm looking forward to with getting bigger... maybe I will actually be able to fit into some pants.  Right now my days consist of tennis skirts and yoga pants until I go somewhere, when I don some rubberbanded pants that come off the second I walk in the door.  
Well, whatever works, I guess.

Here is yesterday's picture of me at 21 weeks.  Abram is definitely getting stronger in there.  I can feel him moving pretty often during the day.  The doctor said he was 12 oz. and now he's almost 11 inches long from head to toe.  That's almost as big as a ruler!  :)  It's still crazy to me that something that big is all balled up inside, but it's definitely going to get more real the bigger he gets.   

Well, I'm off to finish my elastic pants and maybe do another pair, now that I know what works and what doesn't...

Friday, July 16, 2010

... of going public.

I've had a few people ask me for pictures.

"Pictures of what?" I ask.

"Of your belly!" They respond, excitedly.

Why would anyone want to see my big 'ol stomach? I don't even want to see it. I like the idea of the baby, but I'd take him right now, instead of going through all of the big belly-ness of a 40 week pregnancy. I've also had so many issues with not being able to go to the bathroom for sometimes days on end, that I haven't been sure that my belly is full with the baby or with... something else...

But, recently, I've started to realize that I am going to go through this, and that I don't want Abram right now, because I want him to be as healthy as possible. So, if I'm going to have this belly, then I might as well embrace it.

So here is one. I guess... enjoy... :P
17 weeks

20 weeks

Abram's 20 week Ultrasound.
Apparently, his face was pushed up against the placenta and he wouldn't move. So the technician couldn't get the best picture. This is the best one we got. His right hand is up by his face. Hopefully you can decipher the picture. I had a hard time at first :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

... of pregnancy brain

There are so many things about being pregnant that people don't generally talk a lot about.  So now that I am experiencing it for the first time in my life, I am continually surprised at things that I am feeling or doing.  Bloody noses, constipation, expanding rib cage, other  strange bodily happenings.  Oh... and: dropping stuff, hitting myself with doors, running into things, spilling... a lot, making food for 10 people when only my husband and I will be eating.... those kind of things.
I did the latter yesterday.  I don't know if I just wanted taco soup and I didn't think about the fact that my recipe serves 10, or if I subconsciously wanted to eat a very large pot of it.  But, whatever the case, the pot is made, 2 serving are gone, and the rest is chilling in the fridge. Luckily, it reheats on the stove and microwave quite nicely, is a very good small snack, and my community group will be forced to eat it tonight whether they like it or not! (they say they do, but one never knows...)
For anyone interested in the recipe, I have included it below.  Hopefully, your brain is less pregnancy ridden than mine and you will chose to make it for a small gathering, or you will cut the recipe in half... 

Taco Soup
(from the kitchen of my grandmother, who I'm sure got it from a cookbook somewhere...)

2 lbs ground beef (browned)
1 pkg taco seasoning mix
1 pkg ranch dressing mix
3 cans stewed tomatoes (diced - 1 lb cans)
1 can rotel (small can)
1 lb can corn (drained)
1 lg can ranch style beans (not not drain)

Coat browned meat with taco seasoning and ranch dressing mix.  
Mix in rest and heat.
Bring to a bubbling boil.
Reduce heat to medium and cook covered for 30 minutes.
Serves 10 at least.
Serve with chips.