Tuesday, February 15, 2011

... of being back in the swing of things

"What up world."

That's right. Abram just returned for his first out of Texas trip! And he was quite the champ. We had some moments (mainly toward the end), but overall I think he did remarkably well for a not-quite-three-month-old.
A picture of his first plane ride!

Today has been full of mom making to-do lists in her head for when she has time and Abram being mostly happy and taking short little cat naps between each feeding. I won't make this blog too long, so that I can get to that to do list, but I wanted to share some of the pictures from our great trip!

And he just woke up. So I have about 10 minutes of CIO time to get this done!

We went to Boise to visit the very large and wonderful families that Quinn belongs to. Here are some pics:

Abes and his GG

And his Bopa

Great grandpa and grandma, Bob and Ruth Peyron

Being entertained by Uncle Pete.

Aunt Jan.

Aunt Kris and Uncle Jim

On a family walk through the Nature Center

And Abey loves his walks!

Silas and Uncle Quinn.

Silas knew who "Baby Abram" was right when he met him.

Cousin Shaylin getting a kick out of the Babram

The Smith great grandkids: Landon, Silas, Kirsten, Makiah, and Abram

The extended Smith great grandkids with Grandma:
Alex and Grandma,
Silas, Kirsten, Kyla, Shaylin, Lizzie,
Abram, Makiah, and Landon

You might not know by looking at them, but Makiah was born almost exactly a month after Abram. If we lived in Boise, I'm sure they would be pals.

Just like Jared, Tayler, and Quinn were when they were little.
Now they are all grown up with boys of their own!
(Wives: Rhonda, Katie, and me)

Hilary and Quinn with their boys.

Silas "smiling" and holding "Baby Abram". Too cute.

Saying goodbye for now to Aunt Hilly.

Well, I successfully did a blog while feeding a baby. But now its time to go.

"Okay, enough pictures. I gotta burp."