Wednesday, April 30, 2014

...of a new leaf?

I've been scouring this blog for Abram's stats when he was a newborn. Just trying to give myself hope that, despite the difficulties with nursing and weight gain, Simon will survive and thrive. And because they are so similar: same nursing issues, gas pains, spit up, constipation, face (I mean, they are quite literally the same baby...), I thought comparing what happened with Abram was more appropriate than it would be otherwise. They were within an ounce of each other at birth and Abram was 10lbs at 10 weeks. Simon is 8.8 lbs at 6 weeks. That seems comparable! Simon has gained about 4.5 oz in the last 5 days, which is pretty normal gain, so I'm feeling hopeful. Despite the fact that nursing still takes an hour or more of work on my part. 

After the first visit to the osteopath, his gas pain has seemed to improve considerably. We are headed back tomorrow for another session and to beg for a discount, since they charge the same for a short session with an infant as they do for a longer one with an adult (what the what?) And it's expensive. And the pediatrician yesterday confirmed that it sounded like he had reflux with all the spitting up and the painful crying and faces and hiccups and arching back between feeds. 
So she prescribed a medicine we've given him three times and already the spitting up has slowed, and he slept for the longest chunks ever last night without waking up in pain!! Like, I slept from 5-7 this morning, which I haven't done for about 6 weeks since he's always fussy and sleepy nursing around that time every day and the only way I can kind of sleep is like this:

Overall, at the moment, he seems to be doing better, even at the six week fussiness pinnacle! I for one was expecting this kid to be the worst and preparing myself through prayer. But it seems God, in his sovereignty, has chosen this moment to calm Simon down and give us all some normalcy for the moment. Praying it continues and Simon's nursing will also improve slowly but surely. 

Miss Joy has been here two days and is, no doubt, a God send. She is wonderful, sweet, kind, helpful, fun to be around and the kids love her. Abram has asked why she has to leave both afternoons and wanted to know when she would be back. Maybe in another blog I can document some of the terrible two, troublesome three issues we've been having with the olders. But for the most part, they've been really good and sweet and I feel very blessed right now, despite some moments of discouragement. 

Dirty outside playing face.

1980's Cabbage Patch baby wearing

Hope to be on the blog more, if only to document this time for our family. It is really amazing to so easily be able to look back at what life was like at any given time with Abram and Selah. I don't want Simon to be the little ghost child who we don't remember as a baby at all because we were horrible at documentation. 

So here's hoping well be back again soon!