Monday, July 28, 2014

...of a poster child

15 weeks ago, I posted an adorable picture of Simon sleeping with a caption that said something to the effect of him being our most high maintenance baby yet and screaming like we were cutting off his limb whenever he wasn't eating. 

5 weeks later, we found out he was tongue tied. We had it revised (clipped), but he still had a very high palate. So he basically couldn't nurse. He was hungry. Switched him to formula and the crying diminished, but he was still crying and screaming often. Nothing we did helped. 

3 weeks later we took him to a doctor in America to talk about GERD (acid reflux). He was a classic case and we'd suspected all along but thought it would just improve. But it just seemed to be worse. We started him on Zantac, and within two days... he was like a completely different baby.

Now, 7 weeks later, at 19 weeks old, he is the most agreeable, amiable, go with the flow baby we could imagine. And we regularly think back to those rough days God brought us through and are so thankful for The Lord's faithfulness and blessings through modern medicine. 

And THAT is my Zantac commercial for the day.