Sunday, October 21, 2012

... of a whole half year!

Well, it's here!  Selah Christine Smith will be 6 months old at 6:31 in the morning.  I remember her birthday like it was yesterday, but it feels like we've had her forever.  She is such an amazing little addition to our family.  She is so even keel and easy going and she is developing her fun little personality everyday.  Seeing as how it's really been about a month since the last post, this will be a pictureful one.  You may have seen some of these on facebook or instagram, if so... sorry?

Date: October 22, 2012

Weight: I thought that she was over 15 pounds (she hadn't been weighed at the doctor since her 2 month check), but I was wrong.  Last week at the doctor she weighed 14 lbs 9 oz. That's exactly what Abram weighed at 6 months.  And she was 26 inches long. Which is exactly how long Abram was :)  Now, he is a boy and she is a girl, so she's more low/mid range on the growth chart, while he was just low.  

Clothing size: Comfy in 6 months.

Feedings per day: 5.  And she has started on solids!  I started with rice cereal mixed with breast milk at first.  She did that for a few days and did not really like the taste at all and seemed to have more reflux those days, interestingly.  
So I started mixing in a little sweet potato and that was better.  Then I cut out the rice cereal entirely.  Now she's had sweet potatoes, carrots, and peas (once).  She loooves the carrots and the sweet potatoes.  She actually ate almost a full stage 2 jar for dinner tonight before I cut her off.  And she had her first solid foods solid poop today too!  Exciting, people!  So sure you wanted to know that.  But it was a nice, orange, little, drop it in the toilet kind.  Love those so much more than the exploded right out the back of her diaper and up her back right before we are about to get on a plane kind (yes, we have had that exact kind).  

Night sleeping: Around 8pm-7am, give or take.  Then right back down until 9:30, maybe 10am. 

Naps: Really bad these last few days.  All of a sudden, she started waking up consistently from naps around 30-45 minutes.  Normally I would just leave her in there and see if she'll put herself back to sleep.  But she wakes up happy and singing/squealing and most of the time it's during Abram's nap, too and I don't want her to wake him up, so I'll go and get her.  These last two days, though, she's had a short nap in the morning, and then a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, praise God!  I hope that's a new fad with her.  I'd like that.

New skills: Rolling over both ways (although she is selective about when she'll roll from tummy to back).  She's also on the verge of being able to sit up on her own.  I mean, she can, but it's still a little awkward and I definitely wouldn't walk away or anything...

Favorite thing: When she is tired and fussy and I'm holding her like a baby, I can always get her to laugh by bouncing her like I'm going to drop her and saying "Boo!".  She cracks up every time.  And then goes back to fussing.

Least favorite thing: Being over tired.  

Potential Personality traits
She is really observant.  She watches everyone with those huge brown eyes and just takes it all in.  At her well check she just started down her doctor while he listen to her heart and did all of the check up stuff.  She is getting more animated at times, too.  So I used to think that she was going to be our stoic little emotionless baby, but she can get pretty excited about things sometimes.

Brother/Sisterness: They are both paying attention to each other more.  He likes to lay next to her and she checks him out.  
There really is and has never been any rivalry on his part.  He's such a good big brother.  I'm really glad that he will never remember a time that she wasn't around.  

We've also determined that Selah looks like Quinn as a baby.
We get mixed reviews about both of our kids and who they look like.  On the whole, people say Abram looks like me (and he definitely looks like me at a child).  And people kept saying they thought Selah looked more like me.  Then we found this picture of Quinn.  You can't dispute photographic evidence.  She's looking like a Smith (Jayo)!

 Here are some of the awesome people that Selah has gotten to hang out with in the last month:

 Abram was excited to see Nana, too!

Aunt Liesl (and Uncle Eric and Fenway)

 Mommy's friends from Pepperdine:
 Adam.  She is his squishy.
Adam's awesome girlfriend, Kim.
And Mommy's college roommate, Aunt Lauren, who taught Selah (and Abram) about the importance of Angels baseball.

Back in Austin, she got to see Isaac and Adriana and watch Mommy and Daddy eat yummy burgers at Phil's Icehouse.  But she enjoyed her carrots so much that she made the whole restaurant turn at look at her cuteness with her squealing. 

 Happy half year, my sweet Baby Lady.  You are the best little girl we could have ever hoped God would give us.  


P.S.  Abram says: 
"HEY!! Compare my 6 month post here!"

Monday, October 15, 2012

... of an injury

We are two weeks out from our departure and have so, so, so much to do.  I realize I haven't blogged in awhile and I apologize (because I know how many of you are just dying to hear more of my ramblings...)

Many people have asked me if I will keep the blog going when we move to the Middle East and the answer is yes.  I hope to keep up with it more, actually.  The time difference with our friends and families will be 10 &11 hours, so there will have to be very scheduled skyping time.  So the blog will be the best way to keep everyone updated on the awesome things that I know Abram and Selah will be doing as they continue to grow.

Anyway, not much time right now, but I thought I would share a few videos with you...

The first one is from this morning.  The wonderful (and when I say wonderful, I mean WONDERFUL) people that we are staying with have a rock yard and a bunch of raised bed gardens.  It's a cool set up.  Abram and their son love to play out there and there have been no rock injuries in the past week.  But this morning Abram freaked us out a little.  He and Quinn were singing the song "Where is God" that Quinn made up.  It's a pretty cool song.  Well, here, just watch:

He was fine.  Obviously, my reaction was a bit much, but I was just imagining blood everywhere in that tiny moment of seeing his face go toward the rocks.  Anyway, since it turned out fine, I now can't watch the video without cracking up. Would have been a totally different story if he hadn't come out of it ok, though.

And then a video (really just audio) of Selah saying "Momomom" the other night in the car:

Pretty cool!  

Next update will probably be this weekend with Selah's 6 month post.  Can't believe that girl is 6 months already...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

...of forever

It feels like its been that long anyway. I can't even believe that there was a time in my life when I had time to blog almost every day and still felt like there was too much to do. I wish I could meet that past Anaka, that one good napping child, settled in my own house with lots of baby entertaining devices Anaka and give her a firm shoulder shaking when I heard her complain about her busyness. "You! You have no idea! Don't complain! Enjoy!" That's what I would tell her.

But here I am, sleeping in a cozy bed in house #7 of the past 3 months, about ready to move to house #8 in preparation for the final move to house #9 in less than 4 weeks, overwhelmed by busyness with no time to post. And what do I finally have a bit of time to share with you? Not pictures of my adorable and amazingly adaptable children, or the loads of friends and family we have gotten to see even since the last post. Not that.


That's right. I had Quinn buy celery today, which we never do (there were very good reasons for the purchase, but I won't worry about justifying my out of the blue celery purchase to you, just trust me). Anyway, because we never buy it, I never cut it up. But today, when I did, I got to see a little glimpse of the intricacies and intrinsic beauty of this world God created.

Somehow, it put a lot of things into perspective for me. If God knew to hide beauty and joy in a bunch of celery, I knew that I could trust that He has put that same thought and planning into my life. All the seemingly independent happenings of my life are all tied together at the core and God will eventually reveal to me (whether in this life or the next) the gorgeous design that he had placed there from the beginning.

Thank you Lord for celery.