Saturday, September 29, 2012

...of the ocean

The kids went to "the ocean" for the first time today. But it was very similar to the lake Abram just experienced in Idaho. We went to Mother's Beach in Marina Del Rey, which is in the marina, so the water is nice and calm and lake-like. Perfect for little munchkins. There is a pretty big/cool playground that Abram thoroughly enjoyed with his new buddy, Brian, and Daddy.

Selah got her feet dipped in the water and then was kept in the shade, trying to get her to fall asleep in my arms to no avail for the rest of the time.

We are already halfway through our visit in LA and have gotten to have some good visits with some of my closest friends from college. My wonderful newlywed friends, Lauren and Brian, are graciously letting us fill their home with baby items and messes for a week. And not only that, but babysitting and driving kids home from outings and cooking meals and giving me free tickets to their awesome improv show and other great stuff like that.

A few more days and we will be headed to my sister's house in San Antonio for a week. I'm excited to get to spend some good time with her, my brother in law and their sweet doggy kid. Then I should have time to catch up on some picture posts. This one is being typed on the floor of the bathroom as I pump at 11:45. And I just heard a kid noise from the bedroom. Better go.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

... of five months

 Yet again, I have waited too long and had to post a lie. Please forgive me. This little lady is not "on the verge" of five months. She is actually a big old five months! 
So hard to believe in a way, although her birth seems like ages ago at the same time. I think that might have something to do with the fact that we have stayed in five different houses since then. That makes time stretch out a bit, I think. 
Anyway, her five month birthday is being celebrated in Boise, while her forth month was in Colorado and her third month was in Austin. Her 1/2 year will be in Austin as well and, Lord willing, month seven will be celebrated in the Middle East!

Date: September 22, 2012

Weight: I've recently weighed her on a non-digital scale (you know, those "old school" ones that spin... a "rotary" scale :) and it looks like she is around 15 lbs!  I just looked it up and that is exactly the 50th percentile.  It's funny to have such a chunky girl, when our boy was so little (I finally tracked down Abram's 6 month blog post when he apparently weighed 14lbs 9oz!)  So she's continuing right on her curve.

Clothing size: All 6 month now, although some sleepers are pretty big on her.

Feedings per day: 5.  Except when she was teething last week and we had 6 or 7 smaller ones throughout the day and night.

Night sleeping: We are back to normal the last few days after a few tough nights while that second bottom tooth was working its way out.  Two nights ago we were back to her normal 12 hours uninterrupted.  Last night it was only 10.  Still good!

Naps: Erratic, but ok.  Due to the nature of our traveling and trying to see as many people as possible while we are visiting places, we don't really have her on a schedule.  This makes naps harder, I think, as she has no internal clock signaling to her when it's time to go to sleep.  So she often goes to sleep over tired and we get really short naps or really long naps.  

New skills: Biting with those two new teeth.  
(Can you see 'em?)
Actually, she doesn't bite.  She rarely puts anything but her hand in her mouth and makes an awful face if you try to shove a toy in there, but she's starting to do it more.
I think she would have cut that second tooth faster if she had been chewing on stuff, but she doesn't.  Also, I watch her roll around in her bed from front to back (she's been doing back to front for a month now), but she won't do it when she's out of her bed.  I know she can do it, though, not matter how she tries to hide it :)

Favorite thing: She still loves standing up.  Still loves whoever gets her out of bed. Still loves Sophie.  Still looooooves her thumb :/

Least favorite thing: Gas and reflux.  
We are usually able to avoid them, but teething made the reflux worse this last week and I ate some pizza with tofu on it last night, completely forgetting like an idiot that tofu is SOY... and we are having a little fussiness today. So I'm thinking we may still have a MSPI baby.

Potential Personality traits: She just kind of shuts down when she's tired.  Like, doesn't want to look anyone in the face and just gobbles up her thumb.  And then gets fussy.  So she may be a melt down when tired kid.

Abram's new thing is that he wants to hold Selah every time she gets up from a nap and he hasn't seen her in awhile. He says "Hode 'er!", then we set her in his lap for a few seconds and then he wiggles around and says "Mommy hode 'er".  Funny kid.  
He really is liking her more and it's so sweet to see.  She watches him, but no real interaction from her yet.  

So that's our little doll baby at five months.  We love her more and more every day and can't wait to see the girl and woman that God has planned for her to be!  Happy five months on the outside, Sell Bell.

Friday, September 14, 2012

... of no time

But here I am and I wanted to share these photos and also document Selah's new schedule we have inadvertently fallen into. Until now, I have almost avoided a schedule because I wanted her to be flexible, since we were trying to do so many things and see so many people. But she is proof that babies want/need some kind of schedule, because she came up with it all on her own. For posterity, here it is:

6am: Wake up/eat/go back to sleep
10am: Wake up/eat/play
11:30am: Nap
1:30pm: Wake up/eat/play
2:30pm: Nap
4:30pm: Wake up/eat/play
5:00pm: Maybe quick nap
7:00pm: Bottle/bath
7:30pm: Bed

With all the family visiting we've been doing, she hasn't gone to bed until 8:30 a few nights and she's definitely tired. But we've gotten to where it doesn't seem to change the next day too much. So I like to have her in bed by 7:30, because when she looses that sleep, she doesn't really make up for it the next day. Silly girl.

Anyway. There's that. I've been working on this post since Monday or something. There's so much going on that I don't even have time to log on, load photos, post a few captions, and hit publish. So now I am doing it while watching Project Runway at almost midnight, even though I am incredibly tired. So it may be awhile again, but here's some pictures from the last week or so in Boise.

Bopa and the kids in McCall.

GranDan and Sell Bell.

Grandma Smith holding Sell for the first time!

Abram now says "Selah tummy" and wants to lay across her.  When we stop him, he snuggles in next to her:
And apparently she's not sure what to think.
Cousin play time.  We are all learning how to share much better these last few weeks.

Silly Silas face.

Sweet Quinn Face on our date night in downtown.
Quinn and his cousin, Jared, and their boys: Abram and Landon.

Landon and Abram "smiling".

Quinn and Jared's newest additions: Blake and Selah.

All the kids.

Smith party for Grandma's 88th birthday!

Cousin Carey made mustache cookies and Abram had to try one.

Cousins Andrea and Larissa with Selah.
Mommy and Abey.
Abram getting tired after lots of running and playing (that's the thumb sucking posture).

Smith great grandkids.

Smith grandkids, spouses, and great grandkids (minus a few).

Jared, Quinn, and Tayler grew up together.  We have a series of photos of them as boys, teenagers, then with their wives, then with their first children, and now this one with their second children (Katie kept saying she felt empty handed - no hurry though, Tayler and Katie!)
There ya go.  I'm sure I'll be back in a few days with a random assortment of family pictures. 
Oh!  I almost forgot: A video of Selah, who gets a sad amount of videos taken of her compared to the amount I took of Abram at her age.  But I specifically recorded her playing in the exersaucer today because she's really getting good at playing with toys recently, which is a pretty big developement!

Aaaaand another cute laughing video, just for fun:

What a doll baby.

Monday, September 3, 2012

... of picture catch up

I am going to try and do this post before Selah wakes up from her "morning nap" (which is basically just a continuation of her night time sleep and the best situation we have found for keeping her well rested and happy throughout the day).  This is just a crazy amount of pictures: beware enjoy!

First day in Boise: Walking to Municipal Park

"Pubbing" on the couch with cousin Silas.  
 This is a term Bopa Scott has coined for either being hit with pillows or thrown into pillows.  Needless to say, these boys love it.

Meeting Aunt Shelly for the first time!

Aquarium with Grandpa Dan, Grandma Barbara, Aunt Shelly, Aunt Hilary, and Silas:

 Hilly feeding the fish
 Abram didn't really care about the fish, he just wanted to "drive boat".  
 Petting the stingrays.
 Grandma Barbara was off to the side getting Selah to smile - obviously succeeding.
 Aunt Hilary feeding the birds and the aquarium.
 Extreme close up (Daddy's favorite thing to do).

 Pink twins.
 "Praise the Lord"
 So glad we got to spend some time with Shelly, who was in town from the DC area.  

Labor day weekend trip to McCall:
 Reading with Aunt Hilly

 The newest member of the Heist family, Tessa.  Sweet girl.
 Gigi love.
 Hand  me down pants from Silas might have been just a bit too big at this point.
 Scooping with Silas.
 About to drive the boat with Bopa.  Finally!  Abram got his wish :)
 Hilly and Tess.
 Silas' turn to drive.
 Selah decided she didn't want to drive.
 Sweet boys.
My men who hate to stay inside for too long in this beautiful place.

Sorry that was a quick picture hit, but I want to keep up with them as much as possible during this time.  Maybe sometime soon I'll have time to write a post about what it is like to be traveling with two small children and not staying in one location longer than three weeks.  It is definitely post-worthy.

Until then... Happy Labor Day!