Thursday, May 16, 2013

... of 2.5

Abram will officially be two and half tomorrow!  What a big kid!  Selah got quite a lot of blog time this last  year with her monthly posts, I thought I needed to do one for Abram at this special milestone.  I'll even use the same survey format.  Here goes:

Date: May 16th, 2013
Weight: Just went to the doctor two days ago.  He was around 12 kg (or about 26.5 lbs).  I think that's somewhere around the 5-10th percentile?  That's almost exactly where he's been his whole life. Just sticking to that growth curve!

Clothing size: He has a few 6-12 month shorts, a few 12 month, a few 18 month, and a few 2T.  The elastic in the 2Ts are cinched as tight as they will go.  He definitely fits best in 18 month.  Shirts are pretty much the same.  18 month is best, but he's not swimming in 2T anymore.  

Feedings per day: He's like a real person.  So three.  And a snack (sometimes).

Naps: Usually one 2-3 hour nap from around 2-5 in the afternoon.  Sometimes he falls asleep really easily at 1, sometimes he refuses to go to sleep until 3:30 (like today) and wakes up around 5, still.  Sometimes he doesn't take a nap at all (not by my choice) and he does fine if we can get him in bed by 7:30.  But there's usually a pretty epic meltdown around dinner time if that happens. And he's been sleeping from about 8pm-7am at night, give or take.

New skills: 
-Starting to use proper pronouns. I, instead of Abey. You, instead of Mommy or Daddy.  
-He used safety scissors for the first time today and loved it.  I think cutting paper into tiny pieces may become a favorite something for him to do while I read my Bible in the morning during Selah's first nap.  
-He's also been loving puzzles recently.  
-Using the potty.  The big potty.  Still not potty trained (we really can't make the full switch to no diapers while we are still in this house because of the way it is set up), but he often tells me when he needs to go.  And he's started to like stepping up on his little chair and sitting on the big potty.  This means a more vigorous hand washing afterward, but I think it's good that he's not scared of it.  
-Working on sentence structure more.  My favorite is he always says "don't" where a "no" would normally go, instead of where a "don't" should go.  Like: "I have don't juice."  Pretty funny.  
-He knows all the letters of the alphabet by sight and is learning the sounds they make.  He's got most of the consonants down, but we haven't worked on any vowel except A.  
-He can count to 20 and only skips 13, 15 and 16.  
-Has Psalm 23 and Psalm 1 completely memorized, thanks to some super great songs that his daddy has made up.  He wants us to sing them to him every night and then close out with "Jesus loves me" and "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" (our bedtime standards for about a year now).

Teeth: I don't know.  A lot.  His bottom two year molars appeared at some point in the last few month.  I just wasn't looking and then all of a sudden they were there.  The top ones aren't even poking through yet.  He's getting really good at brushing his own teeth, we just come in at the end a do a good once over ourselves.  We are working on teaching him how to swish and spit (he still swallows a lot of it) before we start using toothpaste with him.  But we are close.  I can feel it.

Favorite things: Ice in his "juice and water".  MnMs.  Swinging on Selah's high chair.  Visiting our friend who runs the corner shop in our neighborhood. Playing with other kids.  Chips.  Balloons.  Any and all "Jesus movies" (cartoons, live action, old, new, whatever).  Selah (as long as she's not destroying something he is making). His thumb. Climbing.

Least favorite things: Sitting at the dinner table for longer than five minutes.  Having all the lights out at bedtime. Feeling left out of fun.  

Brother/sisterness:  He really does like Selah.  Today, he was putting together a puzzle while I was making lunch and she kept coming over and taking it apart.  I felt bad for him.  I tried to tell her not to do it and then decided to try and set him up at the dining room table so that she couldn't get to it.  But then he came over to me and said "I'na build it with Selah.  Come on Selah.  Let's do the puzzle!"  And he went in and just let her mess with all the pieces while he kinda tried to put it together.  It was so sweet and I was so proud of him.  

Wow.  What a big boy we have!  I was looking at him today during his nap and he was kind of curled into the fetal position and I suddenly flashed back to him as a tiny newborn.  I can't believe that he's already two and half and a big brother to a one year old.  That went really quickly.  He's such a little man and I love love love getting to talk to him and converse with him and find out new things about him every day.  Like how some days his favorite color is blue and some days it's green :)

You are such an amazing, smart, funny, sweet, inquisitive, adorable little man.  I really don't want you do grow up to fast, but I can't wait to see the man God grows you up to be!  Love you, Abey Baby - I mean Big Boy.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

...of latrophobia

My vocabulary did not include the word "latrophobia" five seconds ago, but I googled "fear of doctors" and now it does.  

We took the kids to the American Hospital of Dubai yesterday for well checks and immunizations.  Selah is quite far behind and Abram never had his two year check.  In Austin we went to the doctor all of the time.  Like, too much, probably.  80% of the time it was necessary.  The other 20% happened mainly in the first few months of Abram's life when I was a paranoid new mother.  He had bronchitis quite a few times and has even been to the doctor here twice before yesterday.  But it's been about five months (praise God!) since the last visit and both kids were not happy about the outing. 

I tried to prepare Abram by telling him that we were going to the doctor before we left so that he wouldn't be surprised.  He kept telling me that he didn't want to go to the doctor, he wanted to go to the grocery store.  I just kept saying, "Me too, buddy."  When we finally got inside the exam room, we discovered it was sterile and not kid friendly at all.  That was a big negative in Quinn's book.  Abram was crying even before anyone even hinted at having to do anything at all to him.  Getting him on the scale took forever.   Lying him down and taking his pants off?  Well, you can imagine.  Both the doctor and the nurse were pretty unfriendly and made us both wonder if pediatrics was their second choice profession.  Quinn was really not keen on the doctor we found.  I chose him because he had been trained in and worked in America.  But our pediatrician in Austin was the cat's pajamas and I don't think anyone will ever hold a candle to him (Ross Prochnow at ARC Quarry Lake, Austin friends!!) So we'll probably just always be unhappy with anyone else.  

Anyway, both kids cried during the check up that consisted of weighing, measuring, and listening and that was pretty much it.  Luckily they had no idea what was coming with the shot (they each just got one, thankfully).  It is pretty much the worst thing in the world to hold your child, knowing what is about to happen when they have no idea and then someone stabs them with a needle.  I'll admit it: I cried too.  But they survived.  Selah just got a lot of snuggles and Abram got the promise of ice cream.  We didn't make good on the promise until today when we ate cookies and ice cream in honor of my dad's birthday (Happy birthday, Papa!)  I was pretty impressed that Abram was able to hold out that long without losing it.  

So we are supposed to get a booster for Abram in a month and Selah is so far behind, we really need to do another one for her soon.  But vaccinations are expensive, man!  We may have to research other options than the American Hospital.  It was a little pricey just for the consult and it fell short in bedside manner of all the staff, for sure.  I mean, they took the kids measurements, but then didn't even give me anything with the numbers on it.  I was so busy comforting my traumatized children that I only briefly made note of each of their weights.  Selah was just over 8kg and Abram was just over 12.  That's almost 18 lbs for Selah (she's dropping down to join her brother's growth curve around the 10th percentile) and about 26.5 lbs for Abram. So apparently they are doing ok.  I wasn't expecting anything much out of this appointment.  But I felt that I needed to have them seen, since it had been awhile and our insurance pays for up to a certain amount for well checks every year, so I wanted to take advantage of that.

I'm hoping it's not that emotional for them every time they go to the doctor.  But if I had to chose between being comfortable at the doctor because we were going a lot or being afraid of the doctor because we hadn't been in awhile, I'd chose the latter. So, I guess, praise God for latrophobia!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

...of just party pictures

I will now attempt to communicate the happenings of our birthday party last night in only pictures.  You see if you can tell what happened without any words.

That's right!  You got it!  Balloon pit, food, cupcakes, more balloon pit.  How did you know?!  

Oh yeah.  The pictures.  That's right.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

...of the triple threat party

Tomorrow we are having a "big" birthday celebration. Our close friends who live "next door" (what's with all the quotes, "Anaka"?) have two kids who have had birthdays in the last two months and Selah's was right in between theirs. So we decided to have one party for all three of them. The party will actually be on George's fourteen month birthday. He turned one March 12, Selah turned one April 22nd and their other son, Augie, turned three on May 5th. The hardest thing is going to be explaining to Abram why they are all being celebrated by 30 or so people and he had chicken nuggets and a cake at home with just us while he battled bronchial pneumonia six months ago. But I got him (and the boys' sister, Siena) a cupcake just like the birthday kids, so hopefully there won't be too many hurt feelings.

We are inadvertently going with a kind of Mexican themed party. This feels appropriate since we are all from Texas and most of our guests will be from multiple other countries around the world. But also, my wonderful co-host, Katie, suggested having one table set up for each kid with some kind of special theme for them. Really we just wanted to make sure that Mr. Augie got to have a Nacho Libre themed party since he is obsessed. So the other kids were just after thoughts, which is totally fine. I think I'm just going to out a bunch of paper doilies out on Selah's table to counteract the macho Nacho-ness.

So tonight, after the kids went down, I have been making creamy jalepeno dip (pretty good, but no where near making me not miss my beloved Chuy's), shredding cheese for quesadillas, and making 4-5 dozen cookies. I got carrot cake cupcakes for the birthday kids (and siblings), but we will just do "decorate your own cookies" and ice cream for the guests. Hope that works out ok.

To matters a bit more... Epic, Katie (who is a doula) has a client who may be going into labor in a city about 2 hours away right now. So, that would be interesting ;)

I'm pretty excited to finally have Selahs real birthday party. Abram had a pretty big first birthday party and I want to make sure that my second born doesn't get shorted in things like that.

I mean, this girl deserves a party!!