Thursday, April 26, 2012

... of pinspiration, etc.

 There is a really cute photo that I found on pinterest months ago and I decided that I wanted to try and recreate it with Selah. It took some foresight, but I made it happen. 
 I'm a total copy cat... but that's what pinterest is for, right?  Pinspiration.

Now for an update on our first first days back at home and some photos!

Here is a comparison of Selah and Abram's newborn photos.  I think they look a lot alike.  So does Quinn.
Except for loads more hair on the girl.  
Quinn's mom got into town on Tuesday and has been a huge help, taking care of Abram, holding Selah, and making sure we are all fed.  This is when she met her only granddaughter for the first time :)
Abram giving kisses.
He really likes giving Selah kisses.  So far we've kept the kisses off of her face because of the constant snot stream flowing from Brother's nose.  We focus on the top of the head and, in this video, the feet.

This was the first outfit I bought her when I found out we were having a girl.  I was still of the opinion that I wouldn't dress my daughter in anything super girly.  I'm still not inclined to the super girl stuff, but the more I dress her the more fun I have doing things like putting headbands and leg warmers on her.  I think I will relax my "girliness" standards soon and you will see her in a lot more pink (GASP!)

Because Quinn wants to make sure that his son stays very manly with all the headbands and leg warmers and pink around here, he's been playing with him outside a bunch and doing boy things.  Like playing with sticks...
 ... and mowing the lawn.
(Not really.  They were just pushing it back to the shed.)

And Abram has been more interested in Obie (or "Oh") recently.  Here they are hanging out on the window sill together.

Overall we are doing good!  I'm still in recovery mode.  I thought I was going to just snap back into normalcy very quickly, but I may have over extended myself the first few days and now I am experiencing a good amount of discomfort.  So I'm going to try and take it easy and literally lay down more often over the next few days.  Easier said than done with a newborn and a toddler.  Guess I'll have to take full advantage of my wonderful help!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

... of the perfect birth

 Well, friends, you have traveled this journey of pregnancy with me, probably almost as annoyed as I was by all the false labor stuff lately.  So I wanted to make sure you got to hear the story of the actual and final arrival of Selah Christine Smith!

I'll preface all of this by saying that in my over one week of false labor shenanigans I read a LOT of stuff online - including quite a few birth stories.  I love me a good birth story, but I think there's a limit to the detail necessary for a birth story.  Not an appropriateness limit (although there is a bit of a need for that as well), but a volume limit.  So I'll try to be thorough and detailed, but avoid reaching short story or novella length and make up for any tediousness in the writing with lots of pictures!

My two separate days of false labor had made me feel like I couldn't trust my body to let me know when the real thing was actually here.  I had come to conclude that the difference would have to be that either a) the contractions would be noticeably more painful or b) my water would break.  So on Saturday afternoon, when regular, fairly painless contractions started up around 3:30, I just ignored them.  At around 7:30, they hadn't lessened and were getting a bit more uncomfortable, so I called the nurse on call.  She thought I should go into labor and delivery just to get checked.  We took Abram with us, thinking - no, actually convinced - that this was not the real thing and we were going to be sent home.  I actually regretted calling and wished I could let them know I wasn't coming in.  But we thought it would at least be good to know if the contractions were helping make any progress at all or if it looked like we were in for the long haul.

I checked into triage in labor and delivery and was 1.5 cm - which is what I was at my appointment three days before.  No progress.  We thought we were going home to get our fussy toddler in bed, but they wanted to monitor me for two hours to see if anything was happening.  We decided that Quinn would take Abram home and put him to bed while I hung out at the hospital.  If I needed to be picked up in a few hours, our wonderful neighbors were going to come to the house to sit there while Quinn came to get me.  If I needed to stay, our wonderful friends were going to come over and spend the night and be with Abram in the morning until Chelsea could make it back from San Antonio and take over.  When, after two hours, they checked and I had dilated to a 3, the latter is what happened.

Akin and Masami came over at midnight (what amazing people, right?), Quinn gave them instructions, and headed back over to the hospital.  All the while, I am trying to figure out from the nurses why they want to admit me when I'm only a 3 and did this mean that if I hadn't really progressed in a few hours and morning came, they would start talking Pitocin and Cervadil or whatever?  I was told that that might be the case, but that they wanted me there because 1.5 cm in two hours means that things were going pretty quickly at that point.

In my new, large, labor and delivery room, I asked not to be hooked up to anything so that I could walk around and hopefully help things along.  They were fine with that and my fantastic nurse, Christi, encouraged me to do squats during contractions.  Since they still weren't that painful, that's what I did.  My poor, sick, tired husband got there around 12:30 and took a light nap while I walked around, squatted and ate a popcicle.

At 3:30, the nurse checked and I was a 4!  Active labor!  The contractions were just starting to get where I didn't feel like talking through them and I had to concentrate a bit.  She said that my bag of water was "bulging" and would probably break at any time.  I had been praying that everything would progress naturally so that no one would have to start suggesting medication and the progress was an answer to prayer!

I knew that I wanted an epidural, but I didn't think that I would get one until I was in more pain, like with Abram.  But Christi told me that around 5am the anesthesiologist started to get baked up with c-section and induction patients coming in and if I knew I wanted one, I might want to think of it a little sooner than I thought, otherwise I might not be able to get one at all..  So I went ahead and did it at 3:30, since it was starting to get painful.  The doctor on call came in to check me at 4am right after I'd gotten the epidural.  She was so fantastic!  She is a younger doctor who is fairly new to the practice I go to, but she was sweet and knowledgeable and I trusted her immediately.  If I couldn't have my regular, wonderful doctor, Dr. Anderson was an amazing alternative.  She said that I had already gone up to a 5 and my water was so close to breaking, did I want her to just break it so that we control the clean up?  I was fine with that, since I knew what sitting in a puddle of amniotic fluid while waiting for someone to come help you clean up felt like from Abram.  She broke it and Quinn and I heard what we both decided sounded like a few seconds of a babbling brook fountain or something.  Apparently, there was a lot of fluid.  They were convinced that Selah was going to be pretty small because they didn't think that that much fluid and an average sized baby could have fit in my abdomen.

After breaking my water, the contractions picked up considerably.  Because I had the epidural, I could feel them, but they didn't hurt, so I was in a pretty talkative and good mood - even though I hadn't slept or eaten in quite some time.  Quinn and I took some pictures and talked about when we thought Selah was going to come.  They say that moms who have had a baby before usually progress at 1 cm an hour until delivery.  So we were pretty much doing that and looking at a 9 am ish ETA.  It was pretty surreal that we had thought we were coming in for a check and going to be sent home and there we were, counting down the hours until our baby would be born.

At 5:30 or so, the epidural started to wane and I could feel the pretty intense contractions.  So a different nurse came in to show me how I could push a button to give myself a controlled dose of the medicine if it was wearing off.  Christi (my normal nurse) came in right after that to check and see how I felt.  She did another cervical check and I was at a 7.  Selah still hadn't descended yet, though, so she put me on my side so that the pressure from Selah's head would help open the cervix more and let her drop in.

Not to long after that, at around 6am, gravity had pulled the medicine down into one side of my body and my right side could feel everything.  It was unfun.  Just feeling what 100% contractions kind of feel like makes me have an immense respect for women who do all of this with no pain management.  They are like super women or something.  So I called Christi to come help me flip.  While I was waiting for her, I started to have really intense, off the chart contractions every minute and a half.  All of a sudden I felt her "descend" and the with next contraction I could tell that her head was right there and I really wanted to push.  So when Christi came in to flip me I told her and she checked.  I was at a 10 and Selah's head was ready to come out.  She called Dr. Anderson and they got the bed ready for us to have a baby!
This was a contraction, not pushing :) 

I started pushing at around 6:15.  Because I had dosed up my epidural right before that I couldn't really feel anything.  Including my right leg.  It was literally like jello when they moved it into position and I was thinking "How am I going to push a baby out, I can't even move my leg?!"  But, thankfully, I could feel when the contractions were coming and my pushing ended up being perfectly controlled because of the epidural.  This meant that her head came out in about three sets of pushes and resulted in a lot less "trauma" down there than with Abram - whose head came out in one push.  Neither Quinn nor I really wanted to watch what was going on down there.  The reality is that you can say you don't want to watch, but it's pretty much right there.  You can't get away from it and once you see how crazy it is, you can't take your eyes away.  So Quinn says he watched her body come out like a "Gumbi" and regain it's shape once it came out. Pretty crazy.

So she came to meet us at 6:31 am on Sunday, April 22nd!  She didn't cry a whole lot, but I was assured that she was totally fine and everything looked great.  She was a surprising 6lbs 6 oz!  I was 6-6 when I was born a week early!  How about that :)  I ended up with only one stitch.  Super awesome.  I loved Dr. Anderson just as much as I love Dr. Seeker and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good, knowledgeable, friendly OB.  And my nurse, Christi, was so excited that she got to be there to deliver Selah.  I only had her for the whole process and delivered right before the shift change.  She was very happy.

Whew!  You waded through the logistics of the labor and delivery of this much anticipated little girl (or maybe you've skipped ahead to right here) and now it's time for the good stuff: the pictures!

Covered in vernix (yum.)

We have almost the exact same shot of Abram in his birth story post.
But her head was so much less cone shaped since she dropped minutes before coming out and he was there for weeks.

Squishy face and tired Mommy.

Enamored Daddy. 

Bath time.

Aunt Liesl drove up from San Antonio right away.  So glad Selah was born on a Sunday! 
Liesl was the first one other than Quinn and I to hold Abram, too :)

Me, after a day of no sleep (and only a 4 hour night the night before).  I was tired.

Chelsea brought Abram over on Sunday afternoon.
The first thing he said when he walked in the room was "Baby!"  So glad he learned that word.

Selah's 1920's flapper hat I made.  I thought it would be big, but it ended up fitting perfectly.

Abram's new favorite thing is giving people kisses.  This is sweet - for Quinn and I.  It's a little awkward for the strangers who happen to be in the room when he gets on a kissing streak.  Don't get me wrong, it's cute. But just like he wants to high five everyone in sight once he starts dishing those out, he puckers up his lips and tries to get to everyone in the room.  And when you see a cute, but very snotty kid coming at you with duck lips and you've never met him before, I would imagine it's a little hard to know what to do.  So we try to switch him to giving high fives in that moment.  And it usually works.  He likes to give me kisses on the lips (which is always a very wet and saliva filled experience), but everyone else he has to kiss on the cheek.
Giving Chelsea a kiss for taking such good care of him.  
(He says "Tel see" now!)

Meeting Sister Selie.

We had Abram with us for a few hours before we got discharged.  It was a bit difficult to entertain a sleepy toddler in a small hospital room.  There were lots of Daddy walks around the halls involved.

He loves giving her kisses on the head.

We came home after only a day and half.  When we had Abram, we were hoping for excuses to get to stay in the hospital for longer than the allotted 48 hours after delivery.  This time, we couldn't wait to get home.  Abram needed a nap and I wanted to change clothes and we sort of hurried out of there as soon as we were able.

Woah.  That's a lot of pink.

Our friends, Jonathan and Lacy came over to meet her Monday night.  Their baby is due at the end of June.  We couldn't get Jonathan to hold the baby, even though he is going to be a baby holding pro in a few short months.  But Lacy was all about it :)

Cutie picture of Abram eating his first breakfast as a big brother!

On a walk in our awesome stroller!  Thanks to everyone who helped us get this, by the way.  I can tell it's going to be something we can't imagine living without now that we officially have two!

I'm hoping there will be lots more pictures for the next few days.  So keep your eyes peeled.  Quinn's mom got here yesterday to help for the next week and my mom is coming a few days after that.  I hope I won't get too spoiled for when all the moms and husbands go back to work in a few weeks and leave me all alone!  I'm not going to think about that right now.  I am going to be glad for the help I have right now.  And I'm going back to sleep.  Selah's been a champion sleeping and I'm not sure how long that will last, so I need to take advantage of that as well.  

Thanks for trekking through this pregnancy with me!  There won't be any more pregnancy post for a long... long... long... maybe ever... time.  Promise.

Friday, April 20, 2012

... of the big wait #2

So we've already had two false alarms with this little girl.  Full days of regular, uncomfortable contractions ending in nothing.  Now I feel back to normal, with nothing but the "plug" to show for progress.  I'm not going to go into detail on that one.  If you know, you get it - and care.  If you don't know, you probably wouldn't care.  Still having a good amount of Braxton Hicks all day long, but nothing regular or painful.

Since the beginning, I'd had this feeling about April 20th or 21st.  Honestly, though, I think that's because this is the equivalent of when we had Abram. I delivered him 3.5 hours from "right now".  So pretty soon, I will be more pregnant than I've ever been.  Between two pregnancies, I realize that's not that big of a deal, and I'm actually feeling pretty ok carrying her.  I guess that's the benefit of having a peanut.

I do not, however, feel very good in other ways.  Abram and I officially have a virus.  It's presenting in different ways, though.  Wednesday morning my throat started hurting and Abram's nose started producing an inordinate amount of snot.  Now his snot level is off the charts and we just can't keep him clean.  He has also developed a yucky cough and I have a stuffy nose.  His cough is by far the worst part of all of it.  He really only coughs when he's laying down.  So last night we had a coughing induced wake up and melt down around 10, when Quinn and I went in there and rocked him and sucked boogers out of his nose with the sucker ball (which he tolerates so much better now that he understands that it helps him).  He woke up early this morning because of coughing and I put him down for an earlier nap during which he has only cried (totally not normal) and coughed.  We have a humidifier going in there, but it really doesn't seem to be doing much.  He just keeps coughing and whining miserably in between bouts of kind of falling asleep right now.  Poor little man.

All of this is giving me a peace about Selah taking a few more days to stay safe in there before the harsh germs of this house reach her tiny little body.  Quinn and I were both sick when we brought Abram home from the hospital.  Actually, we thought it was just Quinn and that I was fine, until we realized/found out that the Vicodin I was taking for post delivery stuff was a cough suppressant.  So I wasn't very careful with Abram because I thought that I wasn't sick since I wasn't coughing.  But I had the germs the whole time and totally passed them on to him.  He ended up getting a cough, too, and it was the saddest thing ever. Quinn was super careful and wore latex gloves and a mask when he held Abram and we washed our hand incessantly - to the point of bleeding, no kidding. 

 Abram's first few days of seeing his daddy's face and Quinn looked like this :(

In a weird way, I think these colds are God's way of making me more ok with this "big wait".  I was so so so impatient before now and I wanted to do whatever I could to help her come out.  I wouldn't have been this way if I hadn't had a few incidents of false labor, but thinking the baby is coming and she doesn't has a way of driving a pretty pregnant mom a bit insane.  Now I am more ok with either option, ya know?  If she came very soon, I'd be happy to get her out and get to meet her, but we'd be dealing with germs and sickness (potentially).  If she waits, we will hopefully start to get better and I may be uncomfortable for a bit longer and have a few deeper stretch marks to show for it, but the house will be a more healthy place to bring her home to.  

God works in ways that none of us an presume to understand, but that's my best guess and what He's teaching me/doing for me right now.  It feels so much better to give it all over to Him and trust that He knows the perfect timing for everything - including sickness and birth - and that I don't have to worry about any of it.

And just so the post isn't too pictureless, a photo of Abram enjoying a few licks of a push pop at Chuy's (Daddy ate the majority of it).

I know it's blurry, but his toothy grin was just too cute not to share.

*This is the same day he started "blowing" his nose when we told him, saying "Jesus" pretty clearly, holding the crayons correctly and actually coloring instead of just hitting the paper, and eating his whole dinner at Chuys by himself while Quinn and I enjoyed our meal and had a pretty decent adult conversation!  It was a really big day!*

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

... of too many pregnancy posts

Don't worry, friends. I think we are nearing the end! Then we will be on to too many newborn posts. But those will have more cute pictures and will, therefore, have more redemptive value. These pregnancy update posts are mainly for our three sets of parents to keep up to date when it's hard for us to call all of them and give them every little detail of every doctor appointment.

So here are the little details from this morning's appointment:
-She is "still" head down after the version last week. Who knows if she has actually stayed that way or she just got that way recently, but what matters is that she's there now and she doesn't look like she'll be moving out, because...

-She's at almost -1 station. That's close to being fully engaged! Just a little further to go.

-The fake labor this weekend was not for naught :) I am 1.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced! Yay!

-She is still measuring really small. The last three weeks we've had sonograms done by three different nurses and measuring babies is not a perfect science. At 36 weeks she was measuring in at 5lb 10 oz. At 37 weeks, 5lb 14oz. At 38 weeks, 5lb 9oz. Obviously not an exact science, because it's impossible for them to shrink, but she's not putting on the pounds and neither am I. I'm at a 14 pound gain for the whole pregnancy, but I think I ended up at 20 or so with Abram, so no one is worried. The doctor said that she is going to be a peanut. Peanuts run in my family, so I'm not worried either. Plus, a 6 lb baby sounds very nice for delivery purposes. My little sister was born at 40 weeks and was just under 6lbs. And she's in the military now. So there :)

-My doctor thinks that I will go into labor this week! I've been having some pretty intense, close together braxton hicks since I left the office, so if that's a sign, then maybe I agree.

So this weekend, maybe? I always kinda had the feeling it would be April 20/21, but I wanted it to be the 17th, so I ignored my gut. Maybe my gut was right. Guts usually are.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

... of no such luck

Well, It's 2pm on the 17th and I don't think there will be a baby arriving today. My plans were foiled. God obviously wanted them foiled though, so I have to trust that it's all for the best.

Some of you may have seen it on Facebook, but I was convinced that my 38 week appointment was this morning. I was super excited to find out if there had been any progress and to talk to my doctor about the weird "labor day" this weekend and see if they would check her growth and my fluid levels (since she was small and there was a lot of fluid last time). But I got almost to the hospital this morning at 7:30 when my calendar alarm went off on my phone reminding me of my appointment TOMORROW. It was one of those moments that I felt so dumb that I couldn't even be upset about it. I just shook my head, reprimanded myself using my middle name, and turned around. I double checked the text message my doctor's office sent me yesterday as a reminder and confirmed that it is, in fact, tomorrow morning.

So there's a pretty good example of pregnancy brain for ya.

I am 38 weeks today and it was the first time in the pregnancy (maybe in both of my pregnancies) that someone actually told me that I "look like I'm about to pop". Yeah. I feel that way, too, Jewelry Repair Shop Man.

Here is the picture from today:

This is Abram and I at 38 weeks:

Despite the development of exponentially more stretch marks with this little girl, he looked a little bigger, I think?

I only went three more days after that with him. So since that's the most pregnant I've ever been, I can't fathom what next week will feel like if that's where we end up. But God knows her birthday and I am trying to trust in that fact.

Speaking of Abram: We did waaaay longer errands than I had planned this morning. So he probably should have gone down for a nap at 11:30/12 and he ended up going down at 1. And he's still awake. Isn't it funny that, as humans, we have the hardest time sleeping when we need it the most? I felt that way all weekend, so I can't hold it against my over tired 17 month old. Exactly 17 months today! Almost a year and a half. What a big kid.

I thought I would share these pictures and this link to a cold oatmeal recipe I found on pinterest. I ended up not being a huge fan (although I'd eat it), but Abram looooves it. And it's packed full of protein and omega 3 and complex carbs, because of Greek yogurt and chia seeds.

Looks yummy, right? (Note the sarcasm.)

Here is the link to the recipe and prettier pictures: Overnight refrigerator oatmeal

And here are pictures of the Bug enjoying said overnight refrigerator oatmeal:

It's really easy to throw together at night and then you just grab it out of the fridge and start feeding whenever you want! We've made the apple cinnamon kind a few times, but I want to try some of the other flavors. And I don't use honey as a sweetener - don't worry. If I use anything, I do a small teaspoon of Truvia, which doesn't do much, but Abram doesn't seem to care.

He finally fell asleep. I hope he takes a decent nap, for all our sakes.

Monday, April 16, 2012

...of an Academy Award

I made my first movie. On my phone. I mean, I made movies in college (that was part of my major)... this is the first movie I've made on my phone. And in a long time.

I finally bought iMovie for my iPhone and iMade a movie iTitled:

"From Abram to Selah"

Get the double meaning?

I was trying to pick the right song to go with it and ended up seeing that one of my favorite songs "Out Loud" by one of my favorite (no longer) bands "Dispatch" was the perfect length and had the perfect lyrics. I thought about "Baby Driver", by Simon and Garfunkel, but when they said the words "sex appeal" at one point, I decided it probably wasn't entirely appropriate.

So still waiting on Miss Selah and counting down the hours until my appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30. Abram just woke up from his nap and we've got to do lunch for this hungry hippo kiddo.

Oh! I wanted to ask you all... do you think that it's uncouth to set up a care calendar for yourself when you have a baby? I feel like it kind of is, but I also feel like it's similarly uncouth to ask someone to set one up for you and give them specific instructions about it, ya know? And I found this great website called "Meal Baby" that is a free care calendar with the option of sending gift cards for far away family members. I thought that was kind of neat, since all of our family is out of town, but we want them to feel involved. Also, I want the care calendar less for the food aspect and more for the scheduling of visitors aspect. Like, knowing there will only be one "person" wanting to come over only on nights we've predetermined and if they bring food, great. Ya know? But I feel weird basically asking people to feed us. Even though that's not really how I see it, that's the way it will come across. What do you think? Bad etiquette or not?

Thanks for the advice. I listen. I promise.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

...of disappointment

An update:

It seems that the 16 hours of 3-7 minute apart contractions I experienced were a sign of... nothing.

We are back to sporadic Braxton Hicks for the last day. And while I have felt some pressure down there when she moves, she hasn't dropped yet.

All a build up to nothing :( Sadness. But God knows why it happened that way. There was a reason and I may never know it, but I am trusting Him and trying to limit my research into false labor and helping a baby drop etc. The only things I'm doing now are belly binding when I go out (more for comfort sake) and trying to get some rest. I did take Benedryl last night and I was able to sleep through the night, but am still tired today. So I'm hoping I can get some natural sleep tonight.

Sorry for crying wolf! Thank you for your prayers and for reading my back and forth ramblings about labor. My next appointment is Tuesday morning and I will hopefully things have progressed a little bit, maybe even a lot a bit.

I "called" Abram's birthday in a blog post and he came the day that I predicted that week. You can read that old rambling post here, if you want.
*Fun fact that that post ("On the verge... of the big wait") is my most viewed post, specifically because I use the words "traditional Nigerian wedding attire" in it and it shows up as a result in google searches for that phrase. Hey! Now this post will do the same thing! Sorry people who got here looking for traditional Nigerian Wedding attire :( Go to the link if you want to see a fuzzy picture of the actual thing.)*
Anyway, I'll go ahead and "call" Selah's birthday here and even use the same words (just in case that helps): " If I had my way she would come around Tuesday this week." There. Done. Probably not going to happen, but just in case...

When I was looking up that post for the link, Quinn and I got a little distracted and ended up scrolling though and looking at all the blog posts since Abram was born. It started out as a "Aww! That's what having a newborn was like!" experience, in anticipation of Selah's arrival. But we just kept going. Watching Abram grow from a tiny cone headed squishy face to a pretty cute little man. Surreal. And now we will experience it all over again. With a girl. I'm wondering if it will feel any different in the beginning of her life than it did with Abram or if we won't hit the "Wow, girls and boys are really different to parent" until they are a little older. I am guessing the latter, but we'll see!

I promise I'll only post about real labor from now on :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

...of labor?

So many question marks in these recent post titles! I attribute it to the usual uncertainty of having a baby.

I hesitate to write this post, because I could, essentially, be crying wolf. But because this blog is meant to: 1) help me remember major events in my life and my family's lives, 2) keep distant family members in the loop about major events in my life and my family's lives, and 3) give me something to do when I am bored, it seems like something that should be written about at this time. So, I believe that I am in the early stage of labor and have been for about 16 hours now.

I've been getting Braxton Hicks contractions for forever and I get them pretty frequently, but last night I started having more painful and stronger contractions about every 4 minutes for about an hour and a half right when we got home from our night out.

Picture - as promised.

They weren't "floor me" painful, but they were "stop me in my tracks" painful. Quinn packed a bag for the hospital, just in case, while I switched positions and drank water to see if they would go away. They didn't. After that hour and a half, I called the emergency line at my doctor's office. Another doctor was on call and when I talked to her about it she said that since I hadn't been dilated at all at my last appointment and the contractions weren't super obviously labor, that I may need to "contract awhile at home" before actually needing to come in.

I should mention Quinn had fallen asleep at this point... I woke him up, updated him, and let him go back to sleep while I endured contractions that were getting progressively farther apart, actually, and not quite as uncomfortable (a sign of "early", "false", or "prodromal" labor.)

The night before last I had been woken up by a very wiggly baby and only gotten two two hour chunks of sleep. Then last night, I didn't fall asleep at all until 5am and woke up at 8am. So, needless to say, I am extremely tired. My midwife friend called me this morning after I emailed her a long, ranty, sleepy email somewhere around 4am (thanks Katie) and she reassured me that everything would be fine, I just needed to wait it out and try to get some sleep. Quinn took very good care of Abram all morning while I napped off and on through regular contractions from 10-12ish.

They are now much fewer and further between, more like my normal Braxton Hicks, which really annoys me. I mean, labor shouldn't regress and what I experienced for upwards of 8 hours was definitely not just a normal pregnancy occurrence. But the big "problem" is that Selah hasn't engaged yet. The contractions haven't helped her do that and without her head on my cervix, it's not going to really do much. But I'm unsure what position she is in most of the time and she is still wiggling around in there. Early this morning, I am sure that she was head down, but posterior (her back toward my back), which is not a normal way for a baby to be able to settle down in the pelvis. I had lots of pressure down there last night at dinner, but she was moving around so much that I think she just moved out of a good position before the contractions really picked up (maybe because she was moving around so much?)

Anyway, as I write, I am realizing how much it has all calmed down since last night and that it may not indicate at all when she is going to come. But I still have a gut feeling that it's the beginning of the end. I just need to be patient, glad that it's a weekend and Quinn is here (and so helpful), and willing to trust the Lord and not my own, very limited, understanding of what's going on in there right now.

So really, in the grand scheme of things, we are waiting for her to drop down and engage. Barring something unexpected happening (like water breaking), that should be what takes this all officially out of labor? and right into labor.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

... of (a final?) date night

Quinn and I used to do dates at least once a week. Before kids. Actually, before kids every night was like date night. Don't forget that, married people with no kids! Children are a blessing, but date nights every night with no need for a baby sitter is also a blessing.

Tomorrow, Chelsea is coming over in the afternoon. I've had a really hard time keeping up with Abram and giving him all of the attention that he needs and deserves recently. So he gets two special days this week: a Daddy day (yesterday) and a Chelsea day (tomorrow)! I have big plans to switch Abram's room and the work room in the next few days before Selah gets here and I'm hoping between Chelsea and I, we will be able to make significant headway tomorrow.

You see, Abram's room is right next to ours. This was great when he was two months old and since he's been an only child. We can hear him when he cries through the wall, even if we've forgotten to bring the monitor in from the living room for the night. This is not, however, the ideal place to have him when our room is about to have a (possibly) very loud newborn crying in it at all hours of the night. I want to get him as far away from that as possible so that we only have to deal with one awake child in the middle of the night.

Here is a really horrible map I made of the bedrooms in our house:

(The real reason I am including this, pretty pointless, graphic, is because there is nothing else to look at in this post).

So, as you can see, his room is right next to ours. If we switch his room and the work room, he will be all the way at the end of the hall. Then, when we decide to put Selah in her own room (probably around two months if all goes as well as with Abram), we can put her in the new work room and they will still have (kind of) a room between them.

In actuality, I know that they are just going to need to get used to sleeping through each other's cries. We are going on a big trip to visit family this fall and will eventually be moving to a situation where they probably won't have their own "space" like this. But we'll burn that bridge when we get there (as Quinn likes to say).

All this talk to crying newborns and lightly sleeping toddlers is making me really glad that Quinn and I are going to have a date night tomorrow!! It will, most likely, be the last one. Even if she goes all the way to her due date, I'm not sure we will be able to swing a sitter and get the timing right again in the next few weeks. So this is a pretty monumental occasion.

We are planning on going to see the movie "October Baby" and then maybe we will go out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Georgetown that we haven't been able to go to in forever because it's too long of a trek to be able to get Abram into bed on time if we take him with us. It's only slightly ironic that the movie we are seeing on a date night to get away from the baby and before the other baby has "baby" in the title, because judging by the trailer there won't be too many actual babies in the movie. But it looks really good and we are excited to have a movie that we both want to see (that is a very, very, veeeerrrry rare occurrence in our relationship).

So, here's to date nights! And I will try to remember to bring the camera, or take pictures with my phone so that the occasion is at least mildly well documented for blogging and posterity purposes.

Friday is almost here! Yea!!!