Wednesday, September 17, 2014

...of the big .50: Simon Edition

It is nearly 6am on September 12 and I am sitting awake, waiting for Simon to go back to sleep from his early morning feeding. In different circumstances, I would just let him shuffle and talk himself to sleep and head back to that wonderful state myself. However, he has been the reason each of the other kids has been up around 6:30 the last few days (instead of their normal 8 or 8:30) and he has lost about 5 full feedings in the last four days and so I am on high alert for squeal and up chuck. So instead of wasting all this precious time watching who knows what on Netflix (Criminal Minds, House of Cards, Peg+Cat...), I thought I would get an early start on the 6 month update that should be comin atcha in the next few days.

Date: 12 September 2014

Weight: I need to take him in for his shots next week, so I hope to have this stat Sunday or Monday.
*as of 9/16 when I took him into both the ER and the regular doc for a very high three day fever, he weighed 8kg fully clothed with new diaper at 2pm on one scale and 7.6 fully clothed with full diaper at 6:30pm on another scale. Considering the weight of the diaper, that's a discrepancy of about 1.5 pounds. So I'm going with around 16.5 lbs. that's 2 whole pounds more than Abram at 6 months. But it's the 40th percentile and Abram was in the 8th. So I'm happy he's healthy.

Feeling yuck.

Clothing Size: We are in a weird 3-9 month stage. So, essentially, 6 months. But some 3-6 month stuff still fits and some 6-9 month stuff is fitting. But mostly just right on target with 6 months.

Eating: 5 bottles a day, officially. Never more than 6oz (180ml), usually a little or a lot less. That's one very sad thing about formula: when they don't finish a bottle, you are literally throwing money down the drain. With nursing you can always give the exact right amount without wasting anything. BUT, when you dump bottles of pumped milk that are not finished, you are pouring time and effort down the drain and that definitely feels worse in the moment. The dumped formula comes back to haunt you while you are at the cash register buying your weekly $20 tub of the stuff wondering if you could have stretched even one more day out of the last one if you had just given a few smaller bottles. But we can never tell how much he will eat at a feeding, so we just do the standard 180 each time. Ah well. At least he isn't malnourished anymore...
He eats breakfast lunch and dinner, usually around the same time as us. His daily schedule looks something like this of late:
5/6am: bottle, sleep
9:30am: wake, bottle, fruit and cereal (apples, pears, or bananas)
11am: nap
1pm: wake, bottle, veggies (pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, peas)
3pm: nap
4:30pm wake, bottle
6pm: veggies 
7:30/8pm: bottle, bed

Sleeping: See eating schedule. 
Love that he is sleeping though the night now, but there's a caveat. He often stirs and needs to be flipped/comforted/prayed over around 11:30 each night. So I basically stay awake until then and make sure we make it through that little moment and then I get to go to bed. If I went to sleep, he would have to get very loud before I would hear him (Quinn is either out with friends or fast asleep at that hour) and he would probably wake up Selah and probably need a bottle to calm down and fall asleep. If I catch him before he gets worked up, we can make it through without much problem. But we will see what the future holds. It seems that every week is different with an infant. You get used to one schedule, only to have him get a tooth and completely throw it all out of whack the next week. 

Teeth: None! I have been convinced he was getting his bottom ones since he was 3 months old, but nothing yet. Abram and Selah both got their bottoms at 4.5 months, so he's behind. But seriously, I think they are working their way out at this very moment ;)

Favorite things:
-Sweet potato
-Being tossed in the air
-Peekaboo is a new fave
-Daddy and Abram
-Baby Einstein
We are working on sitting up, recently.

Least Favorite Things:
-New people (unfortunately), but he's getting better about this.
-Being on his tummy when he's not sleeping (he always spits a up- and yet he sleeps on his stomach...)
-Currently, peas may have been placed on this list. 
-Being tired (still pretty much the only time he really looses his mind anymore)

Brother/Sisterness: He loves his sibs. His eyes are so full of adoration when he looks at them, it makes my heart melt. I think he and Abram will be close, even though they are a little more than 3 years apart. Selah generally likes him and has been wanting to hold him recently. She gets excited whenever he wakes up from a nap or sleep and gasps and smile and says: "He's awake! Hi Si Guy" almost every time I get him up. So sweet.
Best baby hair.

He really has been such a great baby overall for the last three months and we are so so grateful for this amazing little dude. He is a perfect addition to our family. Quinn and I have a thing about the number 5. Our names (including our last name) all have 5 letters. It's a nice number. And it seems that 5 is a great number of people in our family as well. At least for the moment :) Just kidding... ?

Happy half birthday, ya lil' munch.

*** Horrible mother alert! I never got a five month picture of this kid. Dude. What was I thinking? Can't make that up, ya know? Anyway, here's one through four along with a sincere promise that I won't let that happen again (Simon).***

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

...of two months at a time

Having three kids is a lot of work. Getting over a 9 hour jet lag, starting homeschooling, and doing a kind of kitchen “remodel” with three kids is so much work that Simon's monthly posts have completely fallen by the wayside. This (Sept. 3rd) is my 4th attempt to record something for his 4th and 5th months of life. I did the 4th month awhile ago, but never posted it. So I'm going to post both in one.
11pm Jetlag

You might ask why it even matters. I've asked myself that question as well. And then I've gone back and read what I wrote about the other kids during their first year and love it for two reasons. 1. It's just fun to reminisce. They are only babies for so long, I want to remember it as best as possible. 2. It's nice to be able to compare (in a good way) the baby with what the older kids did at his age. It's less stress inducing than stress relieving.

So those are my reason's and here are the stats:

Date: July24th, 2014

Weight: I don't know. It always seems like I say that. We need to take him to the doctor soon to get a local prescription for the equivalent of Zantac before we run out. The last time he was weighed was about a week ago before we left and he was about 14.5 lbs. He gained a ton really fast at the beginning of the month, but I think he's slowed down a bit. If he is around that, he's in about the 30th percentile. Abram was in something like the 10th and Selah was in the 50th, so Simon is right in the middle. Nice and average for our family.
He doesn't quite look average compared to Abram...

Clothing size: Very comfortably in 3 and 3-6 months stuff. Pretty soon he will be too long for the 3 month sleepers, so I dug out some of the ones Selah was in when we moved here that were actually Abram's. Glad I have those because I hate that I have to buy baby clothes new here, unless I go to a once monthly “Baby Bazaar” in Dubai. Resale shops are not a thing here like they are in the States. But I did buy some used stuff while we were there. We don't have any hand me downs from Abram until one year, I think. So we just have to get a few 6 and 9 month stuff and then we should be pretty good.
Love that double chin!

Sleep: All over the place. I mean, generally, really good. For about the last month, while we were traveling, he got into a rhythm of bed at 9ish then sleeping (with one or two dream feeds) until 9am. Then awake for 30 minutes or so and back to sleep until around noon. After that 15 hour chunk, he would take two to three 45 minute naps during the rest of the day. I wouldn't expect much longer, since he was sleeping so long at night.
Since we've been back, the jet lag has really messed with him. As has his being sick. He's been stuffy and now that he's not stuffy, he's started coughing just today. Now I'm listening to him tonight and he's coughed/gagged a few times in the last hour. So tonight might be a long one...

Eating: He eats around 5-6 times a day, anywhere from 4-6oz. It's usually only once during the night and then every three or so hours during the day. We haven't started solids yet, but probably will in the next month. I'm waiting for him to be able to sit up better on his own and get a support pillow for our high chair.
This only lasted for a few seconds, unfortunately.

Favorite things:
-Mommy and Daddy
-His hands

Least favorite things:
-Acid reflux

5.5 month update
Date: August 30, 2014

Weight: I did take him to the doctor for more Zantac around 4.5 months and he was almost 7kg (15.5 lbs!) I guess that's about the 40% for weight or something. For height, I forgot what he measured, but I remember looking at the chart and seeing that it was the 95 percentile! People keep saying he looks big. He is chunky in the thigh area, which is adorable, but he is also very long, which contributes to the higher weight. He definitely feels even heavier now, a little like a tank. Maybe he will be our football player?!

Clothing size: Definitely in 6 months. And some of it is almost too short. Not too tight, but too short. Can't believe I'm even contemplating having to put my almost 6 month old in 9 month stuff. Football player, I tell you.

Sleep: He goes to bed at around 7:45. Up until a few days ago, he was waking sometime around 12-2 and then maybe around 6 and then getting up for real around 10. I finally figured out that he was waking himself up by rolling over onto his back while he was sleeping. If I gently roll him back over and hold my hand on his back for a minute, he goes back to sleep. The last week that's happened and then he's slept until 7:45am (and 5:45am yesterday)! Pretty amazing! Really hoping that trend continues. 
He wakes up for the day sometime around 9:30/10. And then takes two more 1.5 hour naps or three 45 minute naps. He does not like to be rocked to sleep and will always want to be put down into his bed to suck his hand to sleep. Except for bedtime when I hold him and feed him to sleep. When I burp him, he usually sleeps on me for as long as I want to wait to actually lay him in bed. I often don't rush if I don't have to. It's such a nice snuggly time and I look forward to it every night.
Blurry, but sweet.

Eating: He takes 6oz or less of formula 4-5 times a day and has 3 solid food meals a day. Right now, his food list is: Rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, bananas, and pears. Hoping to introduce some peas, broccoli, and green beans soon before he turns orange.
Definitely a solid food fan.
First day of peas! Loved them.

Favorite things:
-Daddy. He likes me for sure, but when I'm holding him and Quinn is anywhere nearby, he will stare at him like Quinn is the end all be all until he gets Q's attention and then he grins and gets super excited. It is probably the most awesome thing he does.
-Mirrors (still)
-Abram and Selah
-Eating solids
-The TV (we try not to let him watch it, but sometimes it's impossible...)

Least favorite things:
-Being tired
-Being rocked or held like a baby when he's tired
-Being hungry
-That's it. He really is our happiest and most easy going baby to date!

I can't believe that he is the same child we had four months ago. The formula, Zantac, and sheer age has really done wonders for this kid. He's such a blessing to our family. I am so thankful that the Lord chose him to add to our little brood. Can't wait to see how his personality develops as he grows.

I also can't believe that I should technically be writing his 6 month update in only two weeks. Seeing as this post took almost two months to write, we will see how that goes.

Love you Simon Paul! You are the best baby boy any of us could have hoped for.