Friday, March 30, 2012

...of a rough day

Today has already been hard, but with little moments of obvious blessings from the Lord mixed in.

It "started" at 1am when Abram woke up wailing. I let him go from about 10 minutes. He would stop for a minute and then cry for 30 seconds and did that for about 5 minutes. It sounded like he was in pain. I decided he probably needed some pain relief and water. So that's what I brought him. He was eager for the medicine (that kid loves all flavored medicine. Blessing.) And he gulped down some water. I rocked him for as long as I comfortably was able and then sat down next to him outside the crib, sang, and prayed for him. I left and he only cried out a few more times before both of us fell asleep around 2:30. Praise the Lord.

I write this and realize that I sound like a single parent, alone in my bed, listening to my child cry and the only one who could tend to his needs. Obviously that is not the case, but I am the wife of a pretty heavy sleeper. Through all of the monitor crying (which was fairly loud) and me getting up and down and turning on bathroom lights, Quinn did not stir at all. He had gone to bed at 9ish because he was going to get up at 5 to do a bible study with some friends. I hadn't gone to sleep yet, as I was waiting out the acid reflux from dinner and pill taking to settle enough for me to be able to lie down. So I figured I was the best candidate for the child-tending needs. And it didn't end up being that hard. I'm just hoping that Quinn regains his ear for crying as we will have some in our room in the near future and I'm sure that she will need to be a team job.

On a side note, my husband ended up not actually setting his alarm at all and waking up at 7:30, when he woke me up getting ready. So he ended up with 10.5 hours of sleep and I ended up with around 5. Needless to say, if there are Abram needs tonight, I think we know who will be (willingly) taking that shift.

This wasn't going to be a wordy post. Sorry. I'll get to the point. Abram still isn't wanting to eat much. He drank a smoothie this morning and ate some cheese, but refused peanut butter on bread. He is super irritable, bursting into tears about very minor things not going his way. The bumps on his hands and feet are becoming more visible, but there are still only about 5 on each extremity. His fever is down with no medication in the last 10 hours, so that's a blessing. He slept until almost 9 this morning and is down for a "nap" now, more for my sake than his. If he's not asleep by 12:30, we'll call it a rest, get him up, think about running errands where we wouldn't infect anyone, and put him down for a real nap around 3. I've washed my hands and sanitized them innumerable times this morning and can already feel them drying out. If I'm going to get it, I've probably already been exposed, but just in case I still have a chance I'm trying to be careful.

Anyway, here some of what we did this morning:

Whined and pouted. A lot.

Got dressed in an outfit that Nana bought Abram when he was about 6 months old, because the tag says 3-6 months. It was obvious at 6 months that it was tagged wrong and we've been waiting to see when he would actually fit in it. I should have tried it around 12 months, but a 16 month old with only a few clean clothes to speak of fits pretty nicely.

Tried to go outside.

Lamented not being able to go outside.

Settled for hanging out with Obie.

And picking cat hair off his hands.

On my chore list for today (now that it seems Abram has indeed fallen asleep):
-Read the Word
-Do at least one load of laundry
-Disinfect a bag full of toys to be set aside until after we are over this thing

Happy Friday! Dads get to be home tomorrow! Yip!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

... of getting worse

Abram doesn't have pneumonia. I didn't think he did. It didn't make any sense - although the "gunky" chest x-ray is still a big questions mark.

This morning he woke up with really rosy cheeks, a low grade fever, and was bursting into tears and acting like he was in horrible pain when we were feeding him oatmeal this morning. So I made an appointment for this afternoon with his normal doctor. When we were driving to the appointment, I reached back to play with his foot. He had taken his shoes off and I noticed that he had a kind of red rash on his foot and some little white bumps.

The doctor was running a little late and when he finally came in, he confirmed that his chest sounded fine. He looked in his mouth and found little sores and a red throat. With the bumps appearing on his feet and a few on his hands, we confirmed that the fever was the start of hand, foot, and mouth disease! Yea!!!

So it's a really contagious virus that can't be treated and just has to run its course. It's "course" is apparently something like 5-7 days. Fab. The fever is the beginning, the sores in the mouth are step two, and the bumps on the hands and feet are step three (usually two days after the fever - says my sister). So we are looking at a rough couple of days around here. It's less likely that adults will get it, because most of us had it when we were younger. If we do get it, it's worse than in kids. There's a really slight risk for Selah, but nothing that anyone (ped, OB, sister-dermatologist) seem worried about at all. We just don't want to be sick when she arrives. So hopefully Abram will get over this quickly and we won't get it and lengthen the process.

This is better than pneumonia, but more annoying that it's contagious. But I think the Lord revealed something of what His plan is with all of this today:
I've been really uncomfortable this last week and Selah is growing at a rapid pace and I've been thinking that I really hope she comes early. I was even getting to the point where I would have been ok with her coming now-ish. But with this illness in our house, I would much rather keep her safe and growing in my tummy until it all passes. I think God knows that she needs more time and He wants me to be ok with that. So that's what this illness has made me do for now. I just want Abram to feel better and be able to concentrate on him right now and have Selah exactly when God wants to bring her.

Abram's hardly eating anything. The only thing he wants is Baby Mum Mums (which seems a little strange to me, since they are crispy, at least at first). I wish that he wanted something of more substance. We tried putting sweet potato puree and avocado and peanut butter on the Mum Mum, but only the peanut butter got a few bites. Even his very favorite cookie only got nibbled on before he passed it off to me. Poor little man. Hope he doesn't loose much weight this next week.

So there's that. An update about our oh-so-fun little home right now. Hope your week is going a little better than ours :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

...of a snuggler

The last 24 hours or so have been pretty eventful for us Smiths.

Last night I headed off to see "The Hunger Games" with my friend. I did like the books and I was anxious to see the movie. Before leaving around 6:30, I was having kind of a lot of contractions. Painless contractions, but fairly frequently. We got to the theater, sat down, the movie started at 7, and I started having contractions really close together. I had 9 before I decided to get out my cell phone and use my app to actually time them. It was 7:40. I continued to start and stop my contraction counter every 2-4 minutes for the rest of the movie. I ended up having over 30, which progressively got more and more uncomfortable over the course of the next 2 hours. I was a little worried.

The sort-of "general" rule is if you have more that 4 contractions in an hour, even if they are painless, call your doctor. I don't live by this rule. If I did, I would have been on the phone with my doctor every day starting at about 25 weeks. The other general rule is drink lots of water and lie down and see if anything changes. If it does (like slows down), it's false labor.

So I quickly left after the movie - which I did not get to enjoy very much - with an offer from my friend to drive me home. I really was fine and knew that if I were just able to lie down it would slow down. I made it fine and they eventually did slow down, although they were still happening about every 10 minutes by the time I was able to fall asleep. Since they are painless, they are pretty easy to sleep through (definitely not like real labor). Today has been full of them as well, especially since I've been snuggling with and holding Abram pretty much all afternoon/evening.

If you've been around Abram at all you are probably well aware that he is not a snuggler. He never has been, but now that he can walk he wants down all the time. Every once in awhile we will get an "Up!" from him, usually when we are in the kitchen trying to get stuff done that requires toddler-free arms. But he never wants to just hang out in our laps or lay his head down, except right before bed when we are singing in the dark and about to lay him down.

Anyway, this morning was pretty normal. Then I put him down for a morning nap, which he fell asleep for pretty easily, but only stayed asleep for around an hour. Yesterday he took a three hour nap during that time. I noticed he was a little hot when I was changing him before lunch. His temp was 100.5. So I gave him not quite a full dose of Tylenol. After lunch he started acting more tired and felt more hot. Took his temp around 2:30 and it was 102.5. Called the nurse line, they said to give him a full dose of ibuprofen and expect it to go down. Put him down for a nap at 3, because he was acting very fussy and tired. He did not fall asleep for an hour and half, so I got him up. Took his temp, still at 102.5. I called the after hours line and the nurse wanted me to bring him in. We drove over there as he got progressively more sad looking and more lethargic.

So they basically checked his oxygen levels, his ears, his throat, his breathing, did a strep test, a flu test, took a chest x-ray, and gave him some more Tylenol. Around "his ears" in that list, he started just bawling. Uncontrollably, inconsolably crying. Oh, and snuggling. I had a hot, hot baby trying to find a comfortable position around my 8 month pregnant stomach and snot and tears all over my shoulders (I was there in yoga pants and a t-shirt, so I didn't really care) and all I could think is "Yea! A snuggler!!" It was sweet. And sad. Sweet and sad.

I actually cried during the chest x-ray. He was bawling and looked miserable and they put him in this baby contraption where his arms are pinned over his head and he was basically encased in a plastic tube with his little face sticking out. It was horrible. And all I could do was stand in the next room where he could see me watching him cry, but not doing anything for him. And I had a hard time not completely losing it. I blame hormones. And motherhood.

So... to sum up the rest: negative for strep (even though he has a "very red throat"), negative for flu, no ear infection, a very "gunky" chest x-ray and a 103 degree fever at the doctor's office. So he's being treated for pneumonia. He's had a perpetually lightly running nose for a few weeks now, so it's possible. If he's not doing better in the next few days, we'll go back in. We put him down to bed at 8 and he went right to sleep, but he woke up a little while ago (around 10:30) and didn't seem like he was going to go back to sleep on his own. So I went in there to feel his head and maybe give him some Tylenol, but his fever had broken, praise the Lord. He was only a tiny bit warm. So I picked him up and snuggled with him for a bit. It was really more like he was snuggling with Selah, because I have to lay back on the couch with his legs on my legs and his body over my belly and his head on my chest. We did that until she and my uterus couldn't handle it any more. I laid him down in his crib and sang a few songs sitting on the ground next to him with my arm through the crib rails rubbing his back. He fell asleep and has been a bit wiggly and whiny the last hour, but I think tomorrow is looking like it will be a lot better than tonight.

So this post was more so family will know what's going on and for posterity. I want to remember what it was like to have a snuggly baby for even a half a day. Here is the one picture I got from the afternoon - we weren't focusing much on photography:

Poor, sweet, exhausted, hot baby boy :(

And a video of my smart kid just an hour so before his fever started to spike:

Here's praying that tomorrow is more like that.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

... of inconsistency

So I thought that we had made the switch to one nap a day. We did it successfully for three days (Sat-Mon). Now today, both of us got really tired and bored around 11. New nap time was 12:30. I asked him if he wanted to sleep and he said yes. So I put him down at 11 and he was out by 11:30. So we shall see what today holds.

He has technically only been taking one nap a day for awhile now, but it was a long morning-ish nap and then an early evening "rest". From 5-6 he would roll around in his crib and then Quinn would come home and get him out.

I like to be able to plan my days and know when I might be able to run errands and schedule appointments and get together with friends, so this A/B schedule this is a bit aggravating for me. I think I want a routine more right now, because I know that in a matter of weeks there will be no routine. The nice thing about a really new newborn is that you can take them with you anywhere. They do the same thing out and about that they would be doing at home: crying, eating, or sleeping - and the sleeping can happen anywhere at that point. So, if I'm feeling up to it I hope to not be home bound for two weeks or something like I was with Abram.

It's crazy to think that this girl is going to be totally different from Abram. I am expecting everything to go the same way (or more smoothly), but she'll have her own surprises and quirks and a personality that only God is aware of right now. Babies are a gift from the Lord in so many ways, but I think one of the ways is that He uses them to teach us that we are absolutely not in control. No matter how many books I read or how many kids I have, each one comes in His timing in the way that He designed them to be - not me. We just have to greet them with open arms and accept them the way that they were made by their excellent creator, even if it means trial and suffering sometimes.

Wow, that was a spiel tangent. Sorry.

We went to County Line the other night because Quinn's friend that moved home to Guatemala is in town and wants bar-b-q every night. It was Abram's first time. He looooved the bread. Just like his dad. It's really good bread. This is a blurry Abram face enjoying the night.

Here is me enjoying the largest plate of ribs I've ever seen. All three of us shared. And we took half of it home.

I'm getting so full of baby at this point that frequent small meals are the order of the day. Definitely not four ribs at a time from a monster cow.

We are far, far from vegetarians in this family... :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

... of baby

Almost 35 weeks and very ready. I want her to be full-term, so I'll hang on for two more weeks, but after that, the praying starts. I know God will bring her when she's ready, but my small frame can't handle very much more.

I have had a relatively comfortable, uneventful pregnancy thus far, praise the Lord. But this last part feels exponentially more uncomfortable than it did with Abram. Maybe it's because I have Abram and keeping up with him and not being able to just lay around whenever I want to is a lot different than when I was pregnant with him and could lay around as much as I wanted. So my back is killing me, my stomach is stretching to the point of breaking, and I am inexplicably tired even when I get a full night of sleep.

I know the next few weeks (even if a "few" is five) will go quickly, regardless, so I should savor them. This is me... savoring:

...compared to savoring at 35 weeks with Abram:

I have been "belly binding" to help with the back pain. It makes my back feel so much better when I have to walk around or stand up for longish periods of time. My friend who is a midwife posted this link about belly binding on her facebook page awhile back. So made my own makeshift sling out of Lycra/Spandex material and a D-ring and started binding. It's been really helpful.

The down side is that I have a huge lump of fabric in the small of my back when I do it, which is a bit uncomfortable when sitting and pretty noticeable when I wear anything tight (which everything is on me nowadays.) But I just put a cardigan on and it hides the lump pretty well. It pulls in my low and far out 5ish pound baby and makes me feel like I can actually cook dinner and go grocery shopping and all the things I would be whining my way out of otherwise.

"Speaking" of "baby", Abram is now officially saying the word. And not "ba ba", like everything else (or da da, ma ma, pa pa, etc), but bay-bee. Here, watch:

Then I cut the video off when he crumpled a picture he grabbed. My favorite is the second one. It sounds a little... mean. Now that I think about it, that probably shouldn't be my favorite. It should probably make me worried. But I think that he will like his sister. We shall see soon enough, right!?

Friday, March 23, 2012

of embarrassment and tears

I am going to share this story with you because it happened and it was a big part of my day/year/life. But it is a little embarrassing. I don't think I did anything really dumb, but I could have been more careful and cautious. Don't worry, I know now.

My car has been dying while driving for a week now. It dies for a few seconds and then picks back up again. A few times it actually dies and it takes awhile to restart. Basically, Quinn and I decided I shouldn't drive it until it goes into the shop (on Monday). So this morning Abram and I drove Quinn to work and then we went to Chic-fil-A for breakfast. We ate, had fun, blah, blah, blah... and then we went out to the car. I unlocked the passenger door with the key and it opened. I threw my bag and the keys in the front seat. It's a two door. I'm pregnant. I had a 23 pound toddler to put in the back seat. I needed free hands and arms. So I climbed in the back with Abram, strapped him in, shut the door and headed around to the driver's side.

Now, in my car, when I unlock the door from the outside on the passenger side, it unlocks all the doors. But even if this didn't happen in Quinn's car (which I established when I tried to open the driver's side and it was locked), the passenger side should be unlocked since I unlocked it with the key and it had opened, right? Wrong. It was locked. Apparently there is some malfunction with the passenger door handle and lock. I didn't know this. If I had, I would have kept the keys with me. But I didn't. They were locked inside the car, along with my phone, and my 16 month old who was sitting directly in the sun.

I said a prayer to calm myself down and to see if maybe I just needed to pull and little harder and the door would open. It did calm me down, but the door didn't open. So I rushed inside Chic-fil-A to ask to borrow their phone.

To spare you a play by play, here are the bullet points of the rest:
-Quinn and I only have one key for each car (we are going to change that soon)
-He didn't answer his phone anyway (it's often on silent, but especially since we are getting to the end with Selah, he is going to change that soon)
-I was about to call AAA on Chic-fil-A's phone and they suggested I call Austin 311.
-Austin 311 transferred me to 911 - since there was a child locked in the car, it constituted an emergency.
-A fire truck and 4 nice firemen came to Chic-fil-A to rescue us (Abram was happy and waving at people and making the siren noise for the whole 10 minutes or so).
-I drove away and started crying - as I hadn't cried the whole time and I think I was a little in shock.

It may not seem like a huge deal in the retelling of it, but in the moment that your child is locked in a car and you are the one who locked him in there, it's a bit overwhelming. Also being 8 months pregnant makes all emotions amplified. Anyway, I will be keeping the keys with me at all moments while driving that car. It's a little embarrassing that I even allowed for the possibility of something like that happening by not keeping the keys with me. But I wasn't aware of the malfunction in the door/lock and so I guess it's not too far fetched that it would happen.

To end a scary story blog post in a more happy way, here are some pictures and videos from yesterday of the Bug:

Entertaining himself while I shopped for comfy pants:

(Found some comfy shorts, but they aren't really wear out of the house shorts... oh well. They are comfy.)

Exploring the backyard while I sat in a chair on the patio:

This is what his Robeez look like after exploring the (damp) backyard:

That is permanent :)

Thanks for listening to my story. Have a wonderful Friday, hopefully sans firetrucks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

... of hodge podge recipe success

I love homemade pizza. I love it because as long as I have a packet of pizza dough mix and some protein, I can make dinner. Usually it's a (sort of) typical Italian style pizza - with marinara and chicken or ground turkey or beef. Abram sometimes likes it and sometimes won't touch it.

So tonight, when I hadn't planned dinner and Quinn came home hungry, I started to figure out what I could do that everyone would eat. I had a pizza dough packet, but hadn't thawed any meat (and I hate microwave defrosting meat). We all needed some kind of protein. Abram likes black beans. I had some in the pantry. But do black beans go with marinara - I didn't think so. So I decided to make the black beans the "marinara". Maybe this is not a new idea and many others before me have done it, but for me, it was a moment of unexpected food ingenuity. Then I just went from there, grabbing out vegetables we had in the refrigerator and making what I am now calling the "Every Week Pizza" (as Quinn has requested that we have it every week).

Every Week Pizza
(... or kinda Mexican Pizza)


Pizza crust (dough or pre-made or whatever you like)
1 can black beans
Various vegetables (tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onions, etc)
Seasoning (I used lemon juice and rosemary... in the future I would like to try lime and cilantro)
Shredded Cheese (I used Mozz, but would be good with anything probably)

Make a pizza!!

Roll out or lay out your dough/crust.

Puree 1 can of black beans relatively well. It can (should) be chunky. I tried not draining them and adding some chicken broth because I thought it would need to be runnier, but it kinda turned into soup. So then I did a batch with just the drained beans and it was perfect and pasty.

Chop up whatever veggies you want. This is shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, onion, spinach and fresh rosemary. Corn would probably be good or anything else you wanted to add: peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, whatever you like. I chopped them because I have a toddler who was going to partake and so smaller pieces are better in our house.

Spread on black bean paste to your heart's content. One can made enough for two slightly smaller than a cookie sheet pizzas. So you probably only need to puree 1/2 can if you wanted to save the rest.

Evenly spread veggies and go cheese crazy! I like a lot of cheese on the top for Abram because a) it hides the veggies a keeps him from deciding he doesn't want to eat it and b) it keeps the veggies in place for his uncoordinated eating.

Bake according to crust instructions. The good thing is that nothing on this pizza can be "undercooked", so you just bake it until cheese is melty and crust is crisp to your liking.

Slice and serve.

We had a baby fan...

... and a husband fan.

Quinn is usually nice when I actually cook and regardless of what it is, he will tell me he liked it. But I can tell when he's just being nice because he avoids the leftovers unless I make him eat it. I can also hear it in his voice if I ask him if I should make the dish again. With this pizza he actually said, and I quote: "This is the way pizza should be - not with marina and stuff" and "I would eat this pizza every week". Hence the name.

So there's not really anything there that someone else probably hasn't thought of, but it was a success in our house for many reasons. Just making a healthy, tasty meal that everyone ate with absolutely no planning was a feat for me. Also the fact that I ate a pizza with black beans on it is amazing. My mom used to make a Mexican pizza when I was a kid and I refused to eat it because it had black beans on it. I need to ask her for that recipe...
Sorry for being such a picky eater, Mom! You knew what you were doing, I was just a punk.

...of a wardrobe

I had to go to Once Upon a Child the other day to buy Abram some 12 month shorts and t shirts. He only had 2 pairs of shorts and it's warming up here fast. I think he's a little warm natured anyway, so he's been sweating a lot in the pants and dress shirts that I have been dressing him in.

Once Upon a Child is a resale children's shop (if you don't have one near you). I usually limit myself to the amount I spend on any given piece. So I got 2 pairs of short for $5 each and 4 polo shirts for $2.50 each. Then I got up to the register and they asked me if I wanted to try to "make a basket" for 50% off my purchase. I looked around for a hoop and the girl pointed me to a tiny kids standing hoop on top of their display case behind the counter and she handed me a tennis ball sized ball. I've never been one of those lucky people and definitely not one of those skilled basket making people. So I asked her what happened if I knocked something off the wall. She said it was fine and they would just put it back. I really didn't want to take it seriously, because I knew that I wasn't going to make it, so I didn't want to embarrass myself by actually trying. So I just sort of tossed it from where I was standing (off to the side), and I actually made it! The girl said they only had 1-2 people who made it every day. Crazy lucky. Definitely not talent. I wished I had been buying more than $20 worth of clothes. BUT, it did knock it down to $10. So not a bad deal :)

A few months ago I bought Abram some baby Chuck Taylor Converse shoes from the same store and I couldn't wait until he fit in them. I pulled them out yesterday and they are still a bit big, but he can wear them! So I dressed him (in pants because it was not quite as warm) and he looked so grown up! I tried to get a picture, but it just happened to be at the moment that he decided he really needed to go outside and was quite frustrated with me that I wasn't letting it happen.

We finally did go outside. To the car. Which made him more unhappy. But we went to visit "Aunt Katie" (my friend that just had her baby boy, George). Abram was ok when we got there, though, since it's an awesome house full of kids. Steve and Katie are staying with Katie's parents, so there are two 7 year olds, a 3.5 year old, an almost 2 year old, and a newborn. It was good to let him play with a bunch of kids for awhile. He did really well, too. And when I held Baby George, Abram came over and looked at him, wanted to touch his awesome, fluffy hair, and then started giving him toys! He wasn't incredibly gentle in the giving process, so we had to stop him from actually getting the toy to George, but it was a good sign! And he actually said "baby" twice. Not "Ba Ba", like normal, but "baby". So good.

Anyway, I finished the brother sister shirts. I may do another, smaller one for Selah so that she can wear it when she's brand new. Here's how they turned out:

I don't know if white shirts with brown letters would be better... but the design turned out pretty well, I think.

K. I'm going to take a nap. I'm more tired today than I was yesterday even though I got 11 hours of sleep last night. The other night is either catching up with me, or I slept too much last night. Then I think I'm going to go to the outlet mall and look for a good pair of yoga pants that I might actually be able to wear out, since that's really the only thing that sounds good from my wardrobe these last few days and probably for the next few weeks. High fashion is not on my important list from weeks 34 to... the end. Sleeping, keeping Abram and myself relatively clean and well fed, and preparing for newborn land again are at the top of that list.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

... of another sleepless night

I am awake at 4am. I have been awake since 1:30. I don't think that I will be falling asleep in the very near future.

Selah is supposedly putting on about 1/2lb a week now. But I think the way that she is doing it is waiting 6 days to grow at all and then gaining that 1/2lb and that 1/2in in one day. Today was that day for week #34. She did not feel this big yesterday. I guess she had her growth spurt last night. I'm starving all of the time (because she's stealing all of my food). Like right now. But if I eat and lay down, it will probably come right back up as it has nowhere to go. Which is why I am sitting up on the couch right now. I think I may be experiencing my first bout of acid reflux. I don't know, though. I'm not sure what it feels like, but it's the only thing that would explain the uncomfortable burning sensation in the bottom of my throat. Pregnancy is so fun, man!!

Also there has been a crazy thunderstorm happening since 1am. It was so loud and intense that I had to get up to watch the tv to make sure there wasn't a tornado warning or something going on (there had been a tornado near San Antonio late last night). The boys are sleeping right through it, but the girls are not.

So I've gotten some stuff done while I've been awake. I figured I will probably be wanting to sleep during Abram's naps tomorrow, so I better do something with my time tonight. I am making "big brother/little sister" shirts for the babes to wear when she arrives. I'm doing a freezer paper stencil of these images I made (a modge podge of some ideas I saw on etsy):
And I am painting them with those colors. I had a shirt for Abram already. So I went ahead and did all of the cutting out of the stencil (which took forever with the words) and finished it. I ordered a newborn Rabbit Skins onesie for Selah's and I cut out the stencil "this morning", so it's all ready to go when the onesie gets here. Rabbit Skins are super soft and well made and I thought it was worth the wait to order one. When I do hers, I'll take some pictures to show you the process. I learned it from Sir Bubbadoo's mom here.

Anyway. Sorry to ramble. I'm mostly killing time until I feel like I could lay down without something coming up (TMI, sorry). I think I'll fold all of Selah's new clothes I just washed. That will surely wear me out, right?

Monday, March 19, 2012

... of too much instagram

Is there really such a thing? I guess there is when most of my family who is not on facebook (or instagram) can't see the very adorable photos I am getting of our Bug.

So I thought I'd do a quick share of a few from the last couple of days.

If Abram is awake when Quinn is about to get home (sometimes he's down for a "rest"), then we go out for a walk right before we think Daddy is going to drive into the neighborhood and walk until we see him. Then Quinn gets out of the car and walks with Abram and I drive home. It means that Abram gets a lot of walking - which he loves, I get a little bit of walking - which I like, and Quinn gets a bit of walking with the Bug right after work - which he loves. Then Abram has to come inside for dinner and he usually cries. I made a comment to our long time friend yesterday that Abram is really happy when he's outside and walking. Todd said "Sounds like Quinn's son." Truth.

So, since he really likes to be outside, we took him to the park yesterday. We could only stay for about 30 minutes and he was very, very sad when we put him in the car to head home.

Sliding with Daddy.

Swinging with Daddy.

Enjoying the swinging breeze.

And then one of Selah being used as a table:

Quinn put a napkin and half a Whataburger on my belly last night because I don't think he wanted to go get a plate. It was fine until we discovered that the ketchup has soaked through my shirt. Hope it comes out! So I decided to use a plate today.

And there are the most recent Instagrams. Oh! I am 225 views away from 15,000 views! In the land of professional blogging, that is nothing. But in the land of amateur mom blogging, I think it's a lot. So thank you all for reading! Hope you are having a good Monday.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

... of a shower

Like a baby shower. Not a real shower (like this long ago post). I had one of those that morning in preparation for my baby shower. Which was more like a "sprinkle", as it was small and there wasn't a need for as many big gifts and baby items as there are with the first one.

My first memorable moment of the day was Saturday morning when Quinn was taking care of Abram so I could get ready (I straightened my hair and everything!) I heard a lot of running around and "Abram, come in here please!" and "Abram, where did you go?!" and "Abram, I said no!" And then, suddenly, I heard the sounds of Baby Einstein. My husband, who has previously been fairly adamant about not wanting our children to watch TV, turned on Baby Einstein. I wanted to rush out to the living room and shout, "SEE! NOW you understand why we watch Sesame Street sometimes in the morning!" Instead, I waited a bit and when I came out to pack my stuff up I casually said, "Baby Einstein is kind of tempting when he gets like that, huh?" He agreed and we both dropped it - probably for different reasons.

Anyway... I then headed off to my sprinkle and I had so much fun! My sister made the comment afterward that that was one of the best baby showers she's been to because it was so low key and there were no games. My friend that hosted had asked me if I wanted to play games and I said no. I'm not a big fan of the games. I guess it kind of helps a bunch of people who probably don't all know each other to start talking. But we did some introductions and visiting that helped with that. Overall, it was really relaxed and fun.

So let's just get to the pictures, shall we?

Here are some quintessential shots of cake and presents and stuff:

And some pictures of my wonderful friends watching me open their wonderful presents:

Norma and Melissa (it was St. Patricks day, which is why everyone should be wearing green).

Christine, Abby, and sister Liesl (who are obviously not Irish).

Katie, Lydia, Lacy, Sarah, and Masami

Opening Sarah's adorable handmade headband.

Lots of onesies from Norma (a newborn wardrobe must have!)

Selah's pile of super cute clothes. She's going to be stylin'.

My beautiful host, Lacy, cutting the yummy cake that I did eat (despite the diet).

We set up a picture-taking area with props and stuff so that I could take silly pictures with anyone who wanted. It was kind of strange to be so silly with these very responsible professionals and mothers... but I think we all enjoyed the break from responsibility and our foray into goofiness.

Case in point: Abby and I as... rockstars... or something?

Norma and I - in disguise.

Lacy and I with our picture perfect bellies. Girl baby Selah and boy baby, Connor.

Lydia is due with her baby girl, Violet, about a week before me.

This is my friend, Masami.

She is awesome.

As you can see.

More babies to wait for! Melissa's 70% having a girl, too :)

Katie and I got our picture framed.

Sister Liesl - before we busted out the props.

And that's pretty much it! Thanks to my friend, April, for manning the camera (hence the absence of April photos). My family in far away places (Colorado, Idaho, and Maryland) also sent amazing gifts. I would love to have seen them, but I know we will be seeing many of them very soon! So it was a really fun time and it was super awesome to get to spend the afternoon with Aunt Liesl. Abram was very excited to have her read to him and watch him run all around the house for awhile. It's always good to get to spend time with my little sister.

The day ended with quite a lot of contractions - from about 3pm to 11pm. So Quinn made me lay on the couch the whole time and took care of Abram and refilled my water bottle whenever I needed it. What an amazing husband I have. I got about a 1 hour stint of some really close and patterned, painless contractions this afternoon, but water and lying down seemed to make them stop. I think Quinn and I have both become aware that we really can't count on this girl going all the way to her due date. I don't really want her to (it's getting hot here!), but we do have quite a lot to do in the next few weeks. So we want to be able to get taxes done and other big stuff before she arrives.

So keep cookin' little girl! We'll see you soon enough!