Monday, December 26, 2011

... of running amuck

That's a little how our Christmas vacation feels (in a good way). We're sort of all over the place here in Idaho. Lots of different houses, a few different cities, many, many family members. But so far it's been really great. Abram is being a trooper (as usual) and we are glad to get to see everyone.

I am also about to lose a bit of my control on this kiddo. Friday he took his first unassisted step. Saturday he did a few one-twos. And by Sunday (Christmas day!) he was looking like this:

With that much progress in only three days, I can only imagine that by the time we get home he will be running amuck himself. This is perfect timing for his 5 month pregnant mommy, who is already beginning to have to hoist myself out of seated positions much more slowly that normal. I guess this running man will help keep me in agile shape for at least a little while longer.
Selah's getting bigger for sure and I can't believe that I still have 4 more months! I'm already unable to finish a regular sized plate of food for lack of room. And then I get hungry again two to three hours later. But there has been no lack of food around here for me to scrounge up at any given moment. So it's all working out.
Well, I'll leave you with a picture of Quinn using my Christmas gift (because I've been using his gift - an HD video camera.)
We are all loving the Beco already. I mean, my husband doing dishes while "holding" my happy, walking one year old? Who could ask for anything more!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

...of documentation

At the beginning of this pregnancy I was so excited about doing the chronological belly photos thing that I saw all over pinterest. You know, the ones where you wear the same white t shirt and jeans in the same spot in your house with the same sign that states the week number in the same pose every week and then put them all together for this crazy looking stomach growth chart. Like this one.

Yeah, I was going to do that. And then I found that I had a hard time getting motivated to get out of my pajamas and take a shower and set up the camera every Tuesday in between all of the other things that I had to do (namely feel sick and tired and make sure my first born got fed).

So I've really dropped the ball. Now, at week 21, I have a total of two "belly photos" and I'm not wear even remotely the same thing - which ruins everything. But I figure even though my pinterest worthy belly photo documentation may be over, I can still have lost-on-my-hard-drive-only-to-look-at-every-once-in-awhile worthy documentation. Starting now.

For fun, I will also try to dig up those photos of my Abram belly in my hard drive to compare them to my Selah belly (aka Sellie belly). I don't have a good picture of me and Abram until 24 weeks, so you'll have to wait until then for that.

Without further ado:

21 weeks with Selah

And that's the end of my blogging for the day. I need to start cleaning up before Quinn gets home and wonders what I did all day (he doesn't read my blog to understand such hard work unless I make him).

...of my ER defense

Many of you may have been reading the updates about Abram's "condition" on Facebook. As I contemplated putting up the information about what was going on for all the world to see, I have to confess that I was thinking that everyone was going to think I was crazy. "Her kid can't stand up for a day and all of a sudden she's going to the emergency room right at bedtime?" Well, I'm here to justify myself (although I realize there really isn't a need for that, based on the amount of wonderful support I got from people) and tell you a little bit of what I learned - for those of you who might be interested in some medical knowledge you may not have known.

Just so you know, I did not take pictures of this event, so there are none here to see. Pictorial documentation of your child's first ER visit isn't something you think of until after you leave with the assurance that everything is probably going to be ok. Looking back, there was a lot of down time and a surprisingly calm and happy, albeit sleepy, Bug to be captured, but we were so tired and a bit worried, so it didn't even cross my mind.

So here's the story:

After an extensive external examination of his legs yesterday at our pediatrician's office, it was concluded that Abram probably just had a "mild hip sprain". Some other stuff was mentioned about bacterial infections in the hip (serious) or viral inflammation (not too serious), but only if there was fever present. So we left with the instructions that if he started to run a fever we should call. My sister and brother in law (who is an orthopedic surgeon and treats the "serious" one in adults and children) called last night and reconfirmed that if there was any sort of fever, start to worry.

*Now I didn't really understand why this was such a big deal, but I guess the deal is that if it is a bacterial infection in a bone or joint (a Septic Joint or Osteomyelitis), it would mean there was infection in the body and if it wasn't removed, the infection could spread to the blood and that's bad. Really bad. If you don't know how bad, watch an episode of "House"... just kidding, doctors.*

I took Abram's temperature at 6:30 and it was 98.1 (we have low body temps - mine is 96.8). When I was about to put him to bed at 8:30 it had gone up to 100.1. This isn't a fever, technically, but I worried about putting him to bed for the night when it had risen that much in two hours. So I called our wonderful free all night phone nurse line at ARC and was told that with the presence of a limp and even a slight rising fever, we should take him to the ER. I really contemplated this. I mean, it was going to royally mess up our sleeping schedule, he was going to start freaking out at some point and was he really all that bad? I tried to call my sister to get a second opinion, but she didn't answer, so I just decided it was better to be safe than sorry. At least we could get conclusive lab work that would let us know pretty definitively what was happening.

As we were waiting in the waiting room at the Dell Children's ER with a surprising amount of children for 9:30 (in my opinion), my sister called and said that I had done the right thing. She said if it was their kid, that's what they would have done, too. She also told me which labs to make sure they ran. It's nice to have doctors in the family, but poor guys get so many questions about things that they really don't know about. At least this was in the realm of Eric's expertise. I didn't feel as bad as I would if we were asking questions about my pregnancy or something they had only done one rotation in a few years ago.

After an hour and a half in the waiting room, we were finally put into a room and the fun (aka more waiting) began. The most incredible part of all of it was that Abram was so good! There were a few expected melt down moments and we had to hold him for all 4 hours, but he was such a trooper. Most awesome moment: when four people pinned him down to the bed to draw his blood for the first time ever. He just stared at us all like he knew something was happening, but he just needed to be brave. The nurse warned us about the scream that was about to ensue with the needle, but our child did not make one little peep the whole time. He actually hated the blood pressure cuff waaaay more. I found out today that my parents had been praying that he would be calm and cooperative for the whole process and what a great answer to prayer!

As we waited an hour and a half for lab results that they said would take 30 minutes and wished we had food and Abram's pea pod, we sang and watched the Planet Earth marathon on Animal Planet and played peekaboo and tried to get the Bug to lay down on Daddy, on the bed, on our shoulders to no avail. When the doctor finally came in at 12:45 to give us the results, Abram was talking away at him and as happy as could be. Lab results and x-ray came back normal. It was explained to us that it actually isn't that he doesn't want to put weight on his leg, he just didn't want to extend it all the way. The comfy position for an inflamed hip is bent, so that's how he was making sure it stayed. Made sense. Since it was viral, there was nothing that could be done for him (man I hate you, viruses), and we just have to wait three or so days and keep an eye on his temperature still. This was apparently from the last virus he had... if you remember the awesome one that gave him bronchitis and got both Quinn and I sick (can we get rid of you, please?)

All in all, we left with new information, but nothing to be done. I'm glad we got the lab work done before we leave for Idaho and are pretty sure it's not the serious thing. I'd rather have an ER trip at home than in Boise on Christmas, ya know?

Moral of the story: You may think that if you or your child have sudden pain/discomfort in a joint and a slight fever, they are unrelated, but they may not be and you might want to call a doctor. Luckily that was not the case here, but I'm glad I know for future reference.

On a side note: You might also think (as I did) that talking to your infant through a baby monitor would be a bad thing that would confuse them and is not a helpful feature in a monitor. And then you have an instance where your child has been crawling and moving around his crib for an hour and half and had five less hours of sleep the night before, so you say through the monitor. "Go to sleep Abram". Pause to see beady, glassy eyes look into the camera. "Lay down buddy". Pause to see him lay down on his tummy. "Good job". Pause to witness him fall asleep within a few minutes. Huh. Maybe this talk back feature is useful... or maybe it's a tired mommy miracle.

Thank you all for your prayers. Now it's my nap time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

... of a call to the doctor

Yes. Another one. We just had a wonderful answer to prayer in Abram getting over a snotty nose in a few days after Quinn and I had both been sick with full fledged colds. And now this.

"This" (if you haven't read my recent Facebook post), is a leg issue. I noticed/realized tonight that Abram was refusing to stand up the second half of the day. If you've been around this child in the last few months, you know that if he's not strapped into something he's either crawling or standing and cruising. So this was odd. I know that he was standing this morning and in his crib before his morning nap (thanks, video monitor), but when I thought back over the afternoon and into the evening I realized that he had not stood up at all. He normally stands and plays with his nativity from Nana and Papa at the coffee table:

The Norm (love that face)
But this afternoon he was kneeling on the ground and trying to get me to hand him things that were too far back on the table. Then, when he was grabbing onto his walker handle, but not pulling himself up, I put it all together.

So we started to try and make him stand up and walk and he kept letting his legs collapse under him. He was crawling just fine - like a speed racer, actually. When Quinn finally got him to stand up at the coffee table, I saw that he was standing just on his right leg. He was bending his left leg up and not putting it down at all. I looked all over the leg and was pushing on it and massaging it, but he didn't seem bothered at all. I did notice what looked like a black splinter in the top of his left foot (strange as he has socks and shoes on 99% of the day). I got it out without a fuss and pushed on the area and he didn't even look at me or make any noise. He took a bath and I did some bicycle motions with his legs to see if that bothered his hips or knees and he was laughing. So we put him to bed to see what happens tomorrow.

I've gotten very mixed feedback from people. A nurse who says growing pains, my sister the doctor who says maybe growing pains, a nurse who says call the doctor right away, a friend who says she had a cyst removed in her ankle when that happened to her at 18 months. Long story short, if he's not standing on it tomorrow morning, I'm calling the doctor, just to be safe.

Chelsea is coming tomorrow and it was supposed to be my day of running errands and finally getting some stuff done. The cat is already going into the vet, so I'd love a miraculous resolution to this in the morning. I'm crossing my fingers for growing pains. He has grown significantly in the last week, I think. Last week I was putting him in a few 9 month sleepers that fit and now I can't get both his legs and his arms to fit in at the same time. He's being stretched into a 12 month old!!

I got some pictures of him on our chilly walk this afternoon. He looked a little like an invalid in a wheelchair with his legs covered in a blanket (sweatshirt) as he calmly pointed at things that I would try and name for him.

It was difficult with such a little finger and such a big world. "House? Cat? Car? Snowman? Sun? Tree? I don't know what you're pointing at." Moving along.

Our path.

Oh, just hoping this little bug is healthy and growing and we're not going to be headed away for Christmas with unresolved health issues. Prayers are appreciated.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

...of the first haircut

We have not cut Abram's hair, ever. It didn't really start growing until he was 6 months old and it's been pretty constant since then. We haven't even thought of giving him a haircut until today when we got him up from his nap and he had this:

A duck tail. I mean, it's pretty cute, I think. But then I noticed that the sides are going over his ears and the front looks a little shaggy.

If it always went nicely to the side on it's own, it would be one thing. But straight down causes some issues.

Some of you may have seen these pictures of Quinn and I from when we were about 2 or 3.
Sorry, they are pictures of pictures in frames. I'm too lazy to get them out and take good pictures or scan them. You can deal. So, obviously, Abram got my hair: Seemingly straight until it grows onto the neck, where it curls in weird directions. Quinn's hair was a mess of white curls when he was little and because it grew away from his face (kind of) his mom didn't want to cut it. I think his first haircut was when he was three. That's not going to work for our bug, so we'll be contemplating that first haircut milestone in the near future. Maybe Selah will get her daddy's hair :)

Also, here are some pictures from our short, but successful trip to Fredericksburg this weekend.

They don't do new decorations there, apparently.

Even though it was a night/day away from Abram, we couldn't stop ourselves from saying things to each other like, "Now point at it the way that Abram would point at it!" Ah, parents.
So this is what we ended up with:

Some shots around the town:

My very adorable husband.

I walked more than I have walked in the last 20 weeks combined. That's an exaggeration, but it was a lot of walking. We got a good amount of our Christmas shopping done, but still have some left for this week. We've definitely put some stuff off and are now sort of scrambling. It will get done, I'm sure.

So on this fine Sunday, I am blogging and Quinn is on a walk with Abram in "the woods" near our house. I'm hoping my child isn't getting hit in the face with branches. He is now able to wear this longhorn hat that I made (for no child in particular) over a year ago. It's high time this kid had something burnt orange in his wardrobe, right?

Have a restful Sunday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

... of Weinachten im Fredericksburg

We're doing it! We are leaving the baby overnight! It's only been 13 months (exactly), but it's finally happening.

Quinn and I thought that a fun day in Fredericksburg was in order for our 3.5 year anniversary :) We need to get some Christmas gifts still and thought that Fredericksburg would be the perfect place to look. We'll be staying in a cute little hotel right off main street, right around the corner from the Auslander - a great, authentic German restaurant that we really like - and the Rather Sweet Bakery - a breakfast place that is fantastic. It has been quite rainy, overcast, and a little cold here in central Texas these last few days, so we'll have to bundle up for our shopping excursion tomorrow. We went a few years ago for Thanksgiving weekend and the Christmas decorations were already up and pretty neat. Because I didn't blog about it last time we went, I'll share a few pictures so we can compare when we come back.

I like going to Fredericksburg because a lot of things are written in German and I speak decent German (or can read it and decipher it, more accurately).

"Christmas in Fredericksburg"... See?

I like telling Quinn what everything means. He tolerates me very well. The only time he got frustrated with that nice little trait of mine was when we were taking a Spanish class together and every time we learned a new word or phrase, I would lean over to him and tell him what the word was in German. At the time it seemed very appropriate for me to do that, but looking back I understand why he wasn't a big fan and wonder what I was thinking at the time.

Apparently it was a little chilly last time as well.

But not so chilly that it kept us from our first and only time hiking Enchanted Rock.

Look at that handsome man!

My pregnant, cold-natured self is kind of glad that we only have about 24 hours there this time and we won't be able to even entertain the idea of returning to Enchanted Rock. I know Quinn would rather do that than shop, but that's what makes him such a wonderful husband.

On our last trip, we were also really enamored with this photography light "trick" (aka "craziness")

and we tried to use it to spell the letters of the alphabet to assemble into words. So, in looking through our pictures from this trip, there were about 200 "light letter" pictures. This seemed like the most appropriate thing to spell for you:

Chelsea will be coming to stay with Abram for 26 hours! 12 of those hours will be easy, but I'm starting my OCD mom typed up schedule complete with menu and activity suggestions. I think that I'm actually less worried than Quinn is about the whole thing. I know Chelsea better, so it makes sense. He wants to make sure that I tell her not to invite any people over and to watch what she says in front of him. What a good dad :) We will see if we can stop thinking and worrying about what he's doing for a bit and talk about other stuff for a few hours of our lives. It will be good for us, I know.

On an Abram note: After crawling laps in his crib this morning from 11:00-11:45, he finally put himself to sleep. Yea!
Also, he ate his first hamburger last night and loved it (like father, like son, right?) We went to a burger place with my friend Shanda and her family, including adorable Miss Elliot. Ellie is eating baby food now and when her dad got it out to feed her, Abram seemed very, very interested in it.

That is until the hamburger arrived and his focus changed.

On a Selah note: I am thinking I may not be blessed with the "basketball" carry like I was with Abram. You know, the one that makes it look like you're not even pregnant from the back? She's already going a little wide. I may be "blessed" with the inner tube carry with her. Fun, fun, fun!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

... of Abram TV

Some of you may be privy to this information already, but I finally caved and bought a video baby monitor. It only took three times of seeing one for half price on kids woot and a few weeks of erratic naps to eventually justify the $80 purchase to myself.

I ended up getting the Motorola MBP20 with the 1.5" color screen and "talk back" feature. It's all good and the reception has been great across our house. One thing they don't tell you in any of the literature and I had to figure out after musing at it for a few hours is that the sound on the parent unit cuts out when the microphone on the baby unit doesn't detect "sound" for 20 seconds. Now, what they apparently think "sound" is seems to be different than my definition. It only really detects his voice or banging. It doesn't detect little feet on sheets, which I was always able to hear on our other monitor and know he was still awake in there. Anyway, it ends up being fine because when I have any doubt about whether or not he's actually asleep, I just look at the monitor! AND I got some of the best sleep I've had in many, many nights last night and I think it's because I wasn't hearing every little tiny movement he made while he was sleeping.

Score 1 for video monitor.

I used it for his afternoon nap yesterday and discovered that he was spending all his time playing with my old stuffed duck that I had been letting him sleep with for almost a month now. I thought he didn't care about the duck! It was always at the other end of the crib when I would go in to check on him and when I would try and snuggle Pontius next to him when putting him down, he never responded. I have found him sleeping on the duck once or twice, but those were rare occasions. Well, come to find out, he was talking to the duck, and tossing the duck around the crib, and chewing on the duck, and flinging the duck. There he was yesterday, having a grand ol' time with Pontius instead of falling asleep. Some of you may also know (maybe only grandparents) that we NEVER go back into his room after we've put him down. It's been that way since he was 4 months old. Naps, bedtime, it didn't matter. We never went back in. There have been a few times when I heard something disconcerting and went in there to check. Once, he has thrown up an entire bowl of oatmeal after a coughing attack. A few other times he hasn't fallen asleep after about an hour of happily playing, so I go in there, leer at him in the dark from the doorway, and say, "Abram, go to sleep" just to make him cry and pout and lie down and ultimately fall asleep. So yesterday, I went in to take Pontius away from him and he freaked out. But after 1 hour of playing and then 3 minutes of crying, he was taking an afternoon nap for the first time in three days.

Score 2 for video monitor.

His sleeping schedule has been pretty crazy and so I don't know when to put him down for naps. He's actually been sleeping later in the mornings, recently. Despite this fact, he has taken a champion 2-3 hour morning nap very consistently, so the idea of one nap was fading into the background for the time being. Last night he slept from 8:30pm until 9:45am. Craziness. He was getting up around 7:30 last week. I'm trying not to get used to it, because he might just being on the verge of a "developmental milestone" (walking?!) and needing the sleep.

As I sit here blogging this morning and putting off the things that I really need to do (like getting ready to leave for our Christmas vacation!) I have been watching him lie still for awhile, suddenly stand up, play with the curtains behind his crib, point at the pictures on his bulletin board he can barely see, play fetch in his crib with his pacie, etc for an hour and 15 minutes. Every time he settles down and I think he's going to go to sleep, he bolts up a few minutes later to do more "fun" stuff. He's been rolling from one end of his crib to the other, too. Which if you saw this video:

you understand, as I do now, that he was just being a punk. He still tells me he can't roll. But when we ask him if he can roll his ball (a large pink yoga ball that he used to be terrified of and now loves), he will gladly roll that around. But then I ask "now can you roll?" and still get a head shake. Well, I don't really want him rolling around the house anyway, I guess.

Right now it seems as if we are also on the verge of giving him a good rolling companion in his sister. She is rockin' out in there and getting a lot bigger really fast. At the 20 week ultrasound she was 12 oz. (right on track) and I'm definitely visibly pregnant now. No hiding it. Not like I wanted to :)

Look at that little nose!

Our big 3D anatomy sonogram is January 10th and I'm super excited. I also don't know if I ever said this here, but the doctor had been a little worried about how close the placenta was to my cervix. If it is covering the opening it's called "placenta previa" and can cause bleeding and basically means you have to have a c-section. He checked it at this last visit and it's a good centimeter away and getting farther. So it's called "low lying placenta", but hasn't caused and shouldn't cause any other issues. Praise God!

Well, this one was definitely talk heavy and not picture heavy. So sorry if you made it to the end expecting pictures. I'm just going to sit here a few minutes longer eating shortbread cookies and milk and watching Abram TV, which has not gotten to the sleeping part yet. But this part is much more entertaining.

Monday, December 12, 2011

... of some real words!

Abram has been saying Mama and Dada for awhile now. Sometimes he messes with us and when we say "Say Dada" or "Say Mama" he will look right at us, smile, and say the opposite. I know that he knows what he's doing. At least he seems to have an inherent sense of humor.

I just wanted to document the fact that his first word, besides our names, was "banana". Now, it doesn't sound exactly like "banana" all of the time. The first time was actually the best. Now it's degraded into "nana" or "manan". But he definitely knows what it is and he loves them. Apparently he saw a banana peel in the nursery at church with the girls last night and he pointed and said "banana". He's usually the only kid at the 7:00 service with at least 3 female nursery workers. The girls were so excited when I came in to pick him up. He loves it... and they love him. It makes me happy. Anyway, they didn't know if he's ever said it before, so they were very eager to tell me.

He is also now saying "yeah". It's pretty cute. I'm glad he didn't learn "no" first, although he does know how to shake his head, but not nod his head. Hmmm... So today, he went number two (if you are ever around him when he goes, you'd be sure that's what he was doing, too) and I asked him if he needed to go to the potty. He said "jah" and headed back to the bathroom. Too bad he was already done going poop. I think we are taking pretty good steps toward going to the potty before he actually goes in his diaper.

So those are the Abram developments. I've heard that when babies/kids are learning something new, other developments will be put on hold. So maybe the talking is taking a front seat to the walking. Although, today we've been walking a lot and he's not really using my hands to balance, he just doesn't want to let go. I think he's close, so we'll see.

This weekend my sister, brother in law, and dog nephew came and spend the night on Saturday. Fenway was in a bird hunting competition. He'd never done anything like it before and he ended up "qualifying" the second day! I don't really know what that means, but he got a ribbon, so that's cool. He and Eric were pretty pooped after the first day and just passed out on our floor.

This past week we've done some pretty fun stuff. I made homemade pizza (one of our favorites) with spinach, ground turkey, and tomatoes. Abram was a fan and ate as many pieces as I did (one and half)!

He and Quinn went on a bundled up walk with socks on hands and hat I made him when he was born that was too big then and too small now. Guess a new hat is in order.

We only have a few weeks until Christmas and we are trying to be minimal with them. I'm hoping to make a lot of them, but I may run out of time and then I don't know what I'll do. So I guess I better get started.

Until next time!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

... of begging for two naps

Not me. Abram.

Update on the last post:
I decided to try letting him go to one nap a day (since that seemed like where we were headed). I had my trusty, wonderful babysitter/sister/student Chelsea come over to watch Abram while I went and got my first grown up haircut (meaning I spent more than $20 at Supercuts). This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try to see if he would stay up through lunchtime and go down for one early afternoon nap. Chelsea was full of Abram morning playtime energy, I usually am not. So I thought she would be better at entertaining him for a few hours than I would be. My "entertainment" would consist of some errand running because I was getting tired of chasing him around the house and saying "no".

Chelsea said that he started laying his head down on the ground in the middle of playing around 10:50 and she decided to put him to bed. It was a good call. He was asleep within minutes and slept for 2.5 hours. His afternoon nap was completely strange (more like an early evening nap). But he didn't seem like he was going to go to one nap a day, cold turkey.

Today, he woke up randomly at 6 and then went back to sleep at about 6:30 and woke up again at 8:15. So I thought this would be a good day to see if we could make it through lunch. He woke up later, more possibility. I made breakfast: french toast with fresh blueberry "syrup" (just blueberries blended up with a tiny bit of water). He inhaled that stuff. We played for a little while until 10:00. All of a sudden he started laying his face down on everything and rocking himself back and forth. He didn't really seem sleepy except for this. So I said, "Abram, do you want to go nigh-night?" He looked at me for a second, did the "please" sign, and started crawling back toward his room.

A one year old can't get any clearer than that, right?

When we were going down the hallway I asked him if he wanted me to take his shoes off. He stopped and turned around with his feet out and started to unvelcro them for me. We got them off and headed the rest of the way to his room, where I have piles of baby clothes in mid-sort (baby girl can wear this: NB, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and bag in the garage: NB, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9). He laid his head down on one pile of clothes and I got the final confirmation.

He kept reaching for his crib, so I didn't sing or pray or anything. I just said "Do you want to lay down?", got another please, and laid him down. That was 10:09. It's 11:09 and he is not asleep. He is singing! He was essentially begging to go down. More Mom confusion.

People keep saying that kids drop a nap around one year. But my almost 13 month old doesn't show any real signs of moving in that direction except a day of not falling asleep at all during his morning nap time. I don't really like being in this limbo of not knowing when he'll want/need to go to sleep and if I should be trying to force him to do one thing or another for the sake of my sanity (ie ever being able to leave the house).

I know this will all resolve and I will look back and not even really remember when he went to one nap a day when my friends with babies ask me. But that is one reason I'm blogging about it. I don't have a baby book. This is my baby book. Congratulations. You all get to read my kids' baby books. So these posts are the only way that I can answer questions like: "when did he start solids?" or "when did you take him on his first flight?" or "what did you do for his first birthday party?" So this is the beginning of the "when and how did you go to one nap a day?" answer.

I also wanted to share this video of Abram using some of his signs. Some of them a fairly correct: "eat" and "please". I did not realize that I was teaching him "wait" when I was saying it to him over and over while preparing him breakfast in the morning and holding up my finger in front of my face. But the other day I told him to wait while he was fussing and he just stopped and held up his finger in front of his face. More evidence that I have to be careful what I say and do around him because he probably will pick it up eventually. But I think it's super cute. Not the correct sign for "wait", but just as effective.

On a Selah baby book note: I've been able to feel her moving since I was 12 weeks. I think Quinn got the first exterior feel at about 14 and now she is officially visibly moving from the outside at 19 weeks. I thought she was going to be calmer than Abram, but she's already on regular awake/sleep patterns and every hour she does a few good jabs and rolls. I think she may give Abram a run for his "busting out of my stomach" money. Perfect.

Selah and I: 19 weeks. Not the best picture of me, but it's for posterity, not fame.

Monday, December 5, 2011

...of one nap a day

Oh, the horror!

I have been absurdly spoiled (by God and, vicariously, Abram). My one year old usually sleeps 11-12 hours straight through the night and then takes two 1.5-3 hour naps during the day. Nap total is somewhere around 4 hours on a normal day. I read something posted by a friend not too long ago that had a sleep chart for babies. It said that one year olds should be getting around 13-14 hours a day, I think. Mine is getting 15-16. Like I said: spoiled.

Since we've gotten back from Arizona, we've been on a pretty consistent schedule. It is different from before we went to Arizona, but two weeks of sleeping in a pop up tent for naps and bedtime at different times everyday would do that to any baby, I think. I have come to rely on that schedule. I actually count down the minutes until 9:30 when I put Abram down for his first nap and I formulate everything that I am going to do with my 2ish hours in my head: Blog (sometimes), catch up on missed shows (sometimes), read the Word (sometimes), shower (less sometimes than the other things - gross), etc. Then whatever I don't get done, or avoid, in the morning (empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, fold laundry, pet the cat once (poor guy), take out trash, shower, read the Word, etc.), I do during his second nap from 3 to (sometimes) 5:30ish. It is my perfect situation to allow myself to be lazy and productive. I am usually lazy the first nap and I finally get stuff done out of guilt during the second nap.

Yesterday I put Abram down for his normal 9:30 nap and he was awake (happily singing and talking to himself) for 2.5 hours in his room. That makes me sound like a horrible mom. Who leaves their kid in their crib when they are not falling asleep for 2.5 hours? I do. He was happy. He is normally sleeping. I figured he and his duck were having a nice conversation and I didn't want to disturb them. We had a meeting at our house in the afternoon and he was happy the whole time. My friends who have raised kids this age that came over both said that their kids went to one nap at a year. "It might be time" they said. And a little part of me cried inside at the thought. He ended up going down for a 2.5 hour nap at 2pm and bed a little late because of church.

If it truly is time for one nap a day, I will either never get anything done or never feel rested (at least this is what I think in my mind). I know the nap will probably be longer if there is only one of them, but I don't know if I'm disciplined enough for one nap. My whole personality will have to change with one nap! I will need to become a completely different person with one nap!! And just when I might be getting the hang of it, there will be a newborn added to the equation!!! Can you tell that I'm freaking out a bit?

I decided to go with our normal routine today as an experiment. If he takes a morning nap, he's not ready to give it up, right? I put him down at 9:30, began writing this post, and within 10 minutes it seemed like he was asleep! Yes! Two naps for one more day! Then he coughed just now at 10:05, sang a little "I'm still awake in here, Mom" tune, and quieted down again. So two naps is still up in the air. Obviously I am rooting for one outcome, but I also want to do what is best for my kiddo. If he needs more awake, learning time (because he sure is catching onto things fast, now), I'll do it. I will just need to have a little faith and maybe a lobotomy.

It'll be fine, Anaka. It'll be fine. Won't it?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

... of Christmas decorations

We are going to Boise for Christmas this year. Last year we stayed here because Abram was only a few weeks old and we got ourselves a real tree. It was the first real tree I've ever had. It smelled really good. So that was nice. The mess it created was not so nice. Our cat was also a little hard to control around it and I have a feeling that a cat and a one year old would be exponentially harder to control. So, needless to say, we are not having a tree this year. Not worth it.

So we only have a few Christmas things up, but it's enough to feel like Christmas really is on the verge.

We hung our stockings. Abram has his own with his name now. I also made some "bunting". I didn't know that's what little flags on a string were called until pinterest. Quinn told me the other day exactly what "hallelujah" means (after hearing a John Piper sermon, of course). It basically means "Come on! Let's worship the Lord!" Pretty cool. So I thought Quinn would appreciate some bunting that said "Hallelujah".

Hard to get in one picture and still read.

It really shouldn't have taken very long, except that I chose fabric that looked good together close up, but didn't contrast enough from far away. Even after stitching the letters on the machine with red thread, you couldn't really read it. So I hand embroidered with bright red around all the letters. Short, one nap project becomes longer, two nap project because Anaka didn't use her brain. I plead pregnancy brain.

We also have our nativity and advent candles set up. Last year, we were able to have them on a low table that was a bit more visible, but with very inquisitive little eyes and hands checking out everything they can, it needed to be higher this year.

So those are our decorations. Few, but intentional, and we like 'em! It's also getting colder here in Austin, so that's helping contribute to the Christmasy feeling. Abram and I went on a walk yesterday. We had to bundle up a bit and my nose was dripping like a faucet (from my old cold that I got over, gave to Quinn, and he gave back to me), but it was a nice chilly/sunny walk. And Abram got to wear his new shoes that we bought with birthday money from Uncle Joe and Aunt Shirley!

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good...
rest of your first week of December."

Sunday, November 27, 2011

... of December

The house is so quiet now! It's very surreal to just be alone with Quinn for the first time in over a week. We don't really know what to do. We are trying to have a day of rest, but there are so many things to do, it's hard to put them all out of my head and focus on rest. So we are doing things like going out to eat, blogging, talking to people on the phone, and I would imagine that a nap will be in my not too distant future. Tomorrow we will return to reality: Quinn back to work, me putting away literally "loads" of laundry and doing more "loads" of laundry. Why is there so much laundry!?

At any rate, it was a really good birthday/Thanksgiving week. Having so much family in town is really such a blessing, even if it means the post departure to do list might be a bit longer.

We went down to my sister and brother in law's house in San Antonio for Thanksgiving day and night. Don't judge, but we had ham, because it's soooo much easier. My sister did most of the big stuff and we all brought a side item. So we had the complete feast. It was excellent. Here are some pictures from the day:

Grandpa and Grammy Ward at the dinner table.

My dad and I with full bellies (mine was full of a little less food and a little more baby).

Abram playing with Grammy's pretty necklace (so gently!)

On a walk with Eric, Quinn, my dad, and Fenway through some in-development land.

Fenway, ready to be unleashed!

Quinn stealing Fenway's bed.

Liesl and Eric sharing Fenway's bed.

We also got some good Nana and Papa shots.

Those are some good looking people!

The next day, we came back up to Austin (minus Eric who had to go in for a 30 hour orthopedic surgery call on Friday at 5am). We spent the time swapping out Fenway and Obadiah every few hours because Obie is a dog attacking punk. We also did a little shopping, some laying around, and a lot of playing with Abram.

There was also a lot of face licking and "Fenway! Off!" going on.

Abram is also working on giving hugs. Man, it was cute. I got one too, but the picture of mine looks like my head isn't attached to my body, so I am not including it here. But let me tell you: having your child hug you (when they are not a naturally snuggly baby) is just about the best feeling you'll ever experience. Here are Nana and Aunt Liesl's hugs:

Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving. I was definitely less tired than last Thanksgiving, but I had the same wonderful people around me. I am beyond blessed and have so much to be thankful for every single day.