Monday, August 26, 2013

...of a fish

Abram had his first swim lesson today!  It was a grand success.

By the end of it, he just wanted to swim "by his own self" and wasn't very interested in kicking, paddling, bubbles, etc.  I'm just glad he wasn't afraid of the water.
Definitely not afraid.

And being the incredibly sweet and thoughtful brother he is, when he discovered how much fun it was he kept yelling to Selah; "Come on Selah!  Come swim with me!"  So Sel and I got in at the end.  Didn't get any pics of that.  But she monkey glued herself to my side and as long as she was there, she was absolutely loving it too.

So excited we are getting to do these lessons and our friends have this pool.  We may have a coupla water babies on our hands!

Monday, August 19, 2013

... of forever

Many, many things have changed "around here" since I've been gone.  We were in a holding pattern for our move from Sharjah to Fujairah for almost a month.  Things got packed and moved, expecting to be able to move, only to experience delay after delay and obstacle after obstacle.  We finally had to move the day our lease ran out in Sharjah.  So we are ultimately glad that we had it for the little extra time that we did, because we needed it! 
Occupying them while I packed boxes for the move (I think we didn't move for two weeks after this).

Don't judge me.  We took the kids to a friend's house across the street while we were packing.  When I picked them up, there wasn't room for their car seats in the back.  So for a one minute car ride across the street, these two cuties got buckled in the front together and shared a pretzel.  And I prayed the entire time. 

A trip to Ikea for necessities and hot dogs to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Selah sat in a big kid chair for the first time ever.

We learned how much stuff we have actually acquired in the last 9 months.  So many wonderful things have been given to us by friends.  The community of expats out here is really good about passing stuff around to each other when one family has come to the end of their time with furniture, toys, clothes, appliances, etc. Now that we've been blessed with so much, we will be able to do the same for other people.  It's a cool, unspoken system over here that I love.  We moved with our team mate, Randall, who was living with us at the old house and is living with us here as well.  He's got a lot of stuff, we've got a lot of stuff, and we ended up having to take two large truck loads and my poor husband took at least seven trips with a full car over the last month.  But we are finally here! It will be one week tomorrow and, while there are still boxes in the hallway waiting to be taken to other rooms and duffel bags yet to be unpacked in our bed room, we have made some great headway and are well on our way to being settled!  It feels great.  I am so hoping that this house works out for us and we are able to stay for at least a few years.  One thing is for sure, I do NOT want to move again in a year if it can be helped.  We feel so blessed by this house and I will be posting pictures and videos as soon as things find their permanent place and I can find my video camera.

Abram helping with dishes in our "new" (to us) kitchen.  

In other news, Selah is officially walking!  It took her about a month to really get the hang of it.  She still falls quite a lot, but she doesn't even want to crawl any more.  So as soon as she falls, she gets her legs right back under her and stands herself back up (with no hands) and keeps truckin.  She's pretty adorable. Her first four molars have been working their way in over the last few months, slowly but surely.  Each one takes it's time to come through and as soon as it's through, the next one starts coming.  Poor girl had been in a perpetual bad mood for all this time, but I'm sure that it's the teeth.  She hates when we brush her teeth.  I mean, traumatic, scarring her for life hates it.  But we keep doing it and praying for those teeth to finally get through so we can have our sweet, smiley, never cries girl back before too long.  

And Abram started officially potty training today!  I've been waiting, because I knew that potty training also meant big boy bed training and the lay out of our house just wasn't conducive to having a toddler able to get out of his bed whenever he pleased.  So today, he's been wearing big boy underwear all day except during his nap so far and only had one accident while I was putting Selah down for a nap.  He usually looks at me with wide eyes and says: "I'm abouta pee (or poop)!" Then I say: "Hold it!" and we run for the bathroom, I help him with his pants and underwear and he goes!  I think we have awhile until he's self sufficient in the bathroom.  Pants down, onto the big potty is just not possible without us just yet. But he is definitely well aware of when he needs to go potty and very able to communicate it.  So that's big news for us!
Transitioning into big boy underwear.  He felt a little naked without his diaper at first, so we did both for a little while.  

Lots of new things, but also just a lot of the same as it's always been: striving to be the best mom, wife, and homemaker as I can be, failing often, and coming to the Lord so thankful for His grace, patience, mercy and love in my life.  

Well, there's a quickish update to let you know that we are all still alive and doing well here!  Hope to be back soon (but I said that last time...)