Tuesday, June 24, 2014

...of three (and a half) months

Well, Simon's three month post is coming to you late, as usual. Man. Three kids and overseas/cross country travel really puts a damper on the blog thing. Anyway,  here's an update on the Si Guy.

Right before his three month birthday, we went to the doctor and he was 5.6 kg or about 12 lbs 6 oz. On formula, he has jumped up from the 5th percentile for weight at two months to the 25th at three months! Not sure if he'll keep shooting up there or that's where he will plateau. We might take him to see our old, wonderful pediatrician in Austin before we head home for his four month check up.

Since we started formula, our nights have gotten so, so much better. He can go up to 10 hours without eating (he's done that once), but his normal night starts around 8pm. He sleeps until around 3am, eats quickly and goes right back to sleep until around 8am. Sometimes he will go back to sleep after that, but he usually gets up for a little bit and heads back down for a nap not too long after waking up. His naps have been erratic because of all the visiting we've been up to. He seldom sleeps in the car seat, but normally takes his best naps in the Beco carrier (with Quinn) or the wrap (with me).
Today, he miraculously took a two hour morning nap in his own bed! Not sure if we are starting something new or it was just a fluke.

So we started formula about a month ago. And it's been so much better for him. I felt some guilt at first at not being about to continue breastfeeding, but we realized he was almost literally starving. Poor guy. He just wasn't good at nursing. We thought the tongue tie revision at nine weeks would change everything, but it didn't. I'm not sure if we were too late or if his really high palette was the problem, but it just wasn't working for any of us. When we finally started formula full time, he started putting on healthy weight and sleeping so much better. Then we had to figure out (or admit) that he had acid reflux. He was horribly unhappy 90% of the time he was awake. Angry, screaming, fussy.
Then he would spit up and have a few happy minutes until the next time he needed to spit up. And this kid spits up a lot.
I took him to a doctor in Colorado, she prescribed Zantac, he started it, and he's been like a different child. Not only is his sleeping better, but he is now happy 90% of the time. It's been a real God-send and answer to prayer.

Believe it or not, I'm pretty sure he is busting through his first tooth as we speak. Teething at three months sounds insane. Especially since we know kids who don't have teeth at one year. But the other kids got their first teeth at four months. Strangely, Abram got his first teeth while we were visiting our friends in the UAE/Oman and Selah got hers in Boise when we were here last. Maybe he knew he needed to keep with tradition and get his first teeth somewhere other than at home. Four months would have been too late :) I think I actually felt it starting to poke through today. He's had a white spot there for almost two weeks, so I wouldn't be surprised. But if it's the case, he's broken a family record!

He's finally started relaxing his hands and grabbing at stuff. He's super alert and smiley when he's awake and he's talking (cooing) more now. He absolutely loves bath time, but hates being taken out of the bath.

 He's getting into the stage of infancy that Quinn and I admittedly like so much more than the newborn stage. I'm excited for him to get more interactive with his brother and sister and us.

He's quite the handsome buddy and for all of the difficulties we had through the first few months, we wouldn't trade it for all the full nights of sleep in a lifetime.

Here are some pics of a few of the people that Simon has had the privilege of meeting for the first time on this trip:

Great Grandpa Shockley
Great Aunt Kris
 Aunt Hilary
Great Aunt Pam
Cousin Lizzy
Family friend, Anne.
Great Aunt Cindy
Great Grandma Smith
Bopa and cousin Silas

Happy three months, SiMan! We all love you so much!


...of new found friends

So I cannot begin to fathom how long it would take me to weed through and post as many of the awesome pictures we have gotten while in the States as I would like to. We've done so much fun stuff in Colorado and Idaho so far and been surrounded by such wonderful (and photogenic) people that I just cannot post them all here.

But there are some that are just too cute. So I thought I'd share some photos of the kids and their "new found friends".

Our Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller:
Oh, my goodness how we love this thing. I did so much research on double strollers before Simon was born. My parents were willing to bring one over for us when they visited, so the world of strollers was (literally) at my disposal. I settled on this one and I am sure glad I did. I was deciding between it and the Peg Perego 60/40 Aria (which we had a version of before). I always liked the idea of a tandem better than a side by side, but hated how long they were. Like little limousines. But this one is technically a sit and stand that you can add a seat to so it's barely longer than many regular strollers. It's been so great. Simon's car seat is usually in the front and Selah sits in the back. It handles incredibly well and turns with one hand, even loaded down with kids and bags. I have to push it through the airport with Selah laying in Simon's car seat, Abram in the back, Simon strapped to me in the wrap with multiple bags hooked to the handle and I can still do it easily with one hand. The kids really like it too. So glad we have our little Joovy.

Well, enough about him...

The Slide:
This is Selah's favorite new friend. She is such a brave kid and will go down any slide she finds. The kids have been enjoying massive amounts of park time. Maybe we will wear them out on parks and they will be glad for the break when we go back to the steaming hot country we live in that doesn't even have any good parks anyway... 

But probably not.

Boy, I wish we lived closer to this kid:
He and Abram have been inseparable. Silas is just the right amount of bossy for Abram. Enough that Abram is doing more new 5.5 year old things than he would ever think to do, but not too much that he doesn't want to do them :) Silas is such a sweet cousin. We will be sad to say good bye to him and the rest of Quinn's sister Hilary's family. 
Including Tessa, the awesome dog.

Theodore and Makiah:
Speaking of cousins... this sweet second cousin is just a few weeks younger than Simon. A few inches longer and a few pounds lighter, too. 
(The boys with Theo's Nana and Papa, Quinn's Uncle Bryan and Aunt Cindy)

And Abram would be all about this second cousin if we lived in Boise:
Bryan and Cindy's other grandson, Makiah. He's a few weeks younger than Abram and they had a great time playing with their favorite toys: massive amounts of cars.

Uncle Doug's Animals:
Quinn's uncle Doug is a hunter. I can't include all of the animals he has in his "Game Room" (which include a brown bear, polar bear, crocodile, moose, wolverine, hyena, tons of deer, buffalo, lion, and cheetah - to name a few). But we captured the kids with a couple of their favorites.

(You can see some of the other animals in the background of this one).

Each other:
I am daily reminded of how glad I am that these two are so close in age. Sometimes they don't care about each other much, but other times I find them playing outside in a pool with no water having a grand ol' time.

Or pretending to cook rocks or playing trains or Abram helping Selah up the stairs and it warms my heart. I think they have definitely held on to each other as a constant with all of this going from one house to the next and one state to the next. They are so sweet and I am so very thankful for them and their new found friends. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

...of a comedy of errors

Just wanted to document the awesome night we had tonight. And by "awesome", I mean "disgusting".

Our family (minus Simon, who was being rocked to sleep at home by his wonderful Nana) was on its way to dinner with some new friends in downtown Loveland. We are driving my grandpa's 1992 (or something) Buick Le Sabre. It's pretty cool. That's not really pertinent to the story, but it helps paint the picture.

About a block away from our destination, a woman flagged us down on the side of the road. We stopped and found out that she needed a ride to a near by grocery store as she had been walking for awhile. So I hopped in the back and she rode in the front. Her name was Maggie. When we dropped her off, we talked for a bit and prayed for her. While we were talking, Abram started begging for water. I looked down and saw a water bottle that he had left in the car from the day before, so the water was warm. I normally wouldn't have given it to him, but I wanted to focus on what Maggie was saying. So I handed it to him and told him it was not cold, then I turned my attention back to Maggie. After talking another minute or so, Selah started begging for the water. I took it from Abram and gave it to her. It was a bottle that I thought she could handle on her own, so I told her it was warm and turned my attention back to Maggie, who was just getting out of the car.

A few seconds later, Selah started coughing. I looked at her and she was choking/gagging on the water. It probably had just gone down the wrong way or she got too much of it. But just that little bit of gagging, led to more gagging, which led her to puke a little.

Then once she got started,  she couldn't stop.

There was a burp cloth near by that I grabbed to try and catch some of it, which ended up being like putting a bandaid on a severed limb. There was vomit everywhere. It had come back up into her face from me holding the burp cloth in front of it. I had it all over my hands and arms. It was all over her and the car seat and the car seat.

But it gets better.

When Abram saw her puking...

That's right: he puked.  Thankfully, it was only once. But it was enough to make a mess on the other side of the car.

Needless to say, Maggie sort of bolted. And I don't blame her. I was sitting there, covered in puke, while my children and I cried out of shock and disgust. Selah actually kept whining: "I disgusting. I disgusting." Poor baby.

And then we were supposed to go to dinner in a nice-ish restaurant. Yeah right. We went to the restaurant and Quinn ran inside and told our friends what had happened. We thought that we could go clean them up in the grocery store and find some kind of clothes to put them in and come back for dinner. Unfortunately, the grocery store didn't have anything but socks, so Abram was shirtless and I put my cardigan on Selah after we wiped them off. But then we and our friends decided that it was probably better to not have dinner just in case the kids were really sick. So we headed home.

I'm sure they aren't sick and it was just an unfortunate choking on hot water puke chain reaction. They ate a little when we got home and Quinn gave them a quick bath while I got Simon to finally go to sleep. Then I got eaten alive by mosquitoes while I scrubbed the car seats in the front yard.

So... This is going to be a picture less post. I did take a picture of the kids while we were headed to the grocery store, but I won't share that with you.

You're welcome.

So just trusting that there was a reason for all of that tonight. Obviously, we were supposed to meet Maggie and we are going to try and have lunch with our friends tomorrow. If nothing else, its a good story, right?