Monday, February 10, 2014

...of Crossfit Kids

Some friends of ours brilliantly and graciously offered to organize an exercise time for our 3-5 year old kids each week. At first I wasn't sure that it was something else I wanted to add to my list of things I had to try and do each week, while feeling less and less like I could really go anywhere.  But then they offered to come and do it at our house. So we readily agreed.

Today was the first day and Randall (our Crossfit expert, cool uncle housemate) and Ken (our athletic, swimmer friend) supervised a short Crossfit kids workout for Siena (5.5), Luca (4) Augie (3.5), and Abram (3). George and Selah (almost 2) were there and tried to do some of the exercises, but for the most part we just tried to keep them out of the way of the other kids. It was a big success! The kids attention spans are obviously pretty short, so it's not like a real Crossfit workout at all, but I think it will really help their coordination and instruction following abilities as we continue.

Learning how to do air squats.

For now, it was a bit chaotic and there was no timing or winners (they were all winners!) but maybe in the future, they can learn a little about healthy competition as well  :P

Here is a little snippet of the chaos workout (sorry for all of my yelling):

Fun stuff!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

...of 33 or 34 weeks

Since the beginning, we knew that Simon's due date might be off.  It is being calculated the traditional way, assuming the timing of everything the first month was pretty standard.  But we knew that it wasn't.  That's how we accidentally (yet excitedly) ended up with him to begin with.  Based on the actual timing, he would be almost one week older than the predicted due date would indicate.  But no one (me or my doctor) have been quick to change the due date because a) he was measuring almost exactly with his due date up until this point and b) we didn't want to get my hopes up for an earlier delivery and then be disappointed if he went later.

Then, this last "32 week" ultrasound was measuring him at 33 wks 4 days - abdomen, 33 weeks - head, and 32 weeks - femur.  So he was averaging out to around 33 weeks and the ultrasound tech thought I was farther along than predicted.  But my doctor said she still didn't want to change my date, just to be prepared for him to come early.
I think that's his hand by his eyes. It's like he's already searching for his way out.

Abram was 11 days early and Selah was 9 days early.  So, of course, Simon will be 7 days early :) And if he's actually about a week older on top of that, we are looking at being prepared for him to come around two weeks early.  I mean, we should be "prepared" even earlier than that, I guess, but two weeks would be quite feasible.

In a way, I am so ready to have this kid out of my body already (he's supposedly around 4.5 pounds at this point!)   I feel waaaay bigger with him than I did either of the other two.  Here is proof:
(I have to cut myself and Simon a little slack in this one, though, because it's really a bad angle and horizontal stripes never make anything look smaller. Also, that's a really small cow that Abram wanted to put on my stomach and take a picture of.)

Here is a more accurate representation:

I also don't feel quite ready for our lives to change as drastically as I know they will when he arrives.  Not only are there the complications of giving birth in Dubai, but there's also the making sure that there are people with instructions to take care of his brother and sister for over a day (if everything goes as we'd like it to). That's never happened before, but we know that the Lord will provide and has provided some amazing people that will do that for us - that just happen to live in the house and up the street.  And there's also the whole "having a newborn again" thing.  I'm really not ready for that.  But, by the grace of God, I know I will be the moment I enter it.

Anyway, there's an update on the impending arrival of the Si-man or Si Guy (as Abram has decided he wants to call him).  Poor dude has little to no documentation of his time in utero, but I think I'm the only one who will be even remotely saddened by that in the future.

Oh.  And this is the kind of parents we are: I asked for this up the nose shot of him, since we have one of Selah at 32 weeks :)
Up Simon's nose.  Pointier.
Up Selah's nose. Bigger cheeks.

We can already tell he's going to have his own look!  Can't wait to finally meet him :)