Monday, January 13, 2014

...of the third trimester

Poor Simon Smith. His big brother and sister have had so much written here about them, both outside and inside my body, and I am able to look back and compare and reminisce whenever I want. But I have barely posted anything in the last few months, especially about him. I attribute this to:
1. A lack of time. Having two kids under three and living in a different country which requires me to cook more, clean more, and overall DO more than I had to while I was pregnant with either of the other two leaves little time to blog. Or shower. 
2. Feeling huge. I haven't been anxious to take and share pictures of myself with this dude because I've felt waaay bigger at any given point this time around than with the others. That makes sense, though. Everything has already been stretched to 38 week baby size, so why wouldn't it get there faster this time? 
3. Being exhausted. It's the having more to do, but it's also that I've been more tired this time around and end up needin to lie down every time I get some kind of a break. Kids' nap time: lie down. Quinn gets home from work: lie down. Kids' bedtime: lie down. There are obviously times that I can't and don't - like this whole week surrounding Christmas - but if I can, I do. And this week I haven't been as tired, actually! But my body feels like I've been beaten in some places. 

But those are really sad reasons to not record anything about this poor kid's time in utero. So, because I have some good pregnancy insomnia time at 5am (which feels like the middle of the night and not a time to get up early and start doing things), I will record some things about Simon at the beginning of this, the third trimester, of probably my last pregnancy (or that's the plan anyway...)

Name: Simon Paul Smith. Yes, we decided on Paul, despite a love of my grandparents' last name. Paul just seems to sound better to us. 
Week: 27
Movement: A lot, since about 16 weeks. He freaks me out a little by only being a little, jerky movement kid. Unlike Selah who was my full body rolls child at 26 weeks. But despite feeling mostly just jabs and shakes and hiccups, I can definitely feel him changing position in there and get hands and feet moving across my stomach now. 
Contractions: A lot of those as well. Braxton Hicks seem to start earlier with each one, or I'm more in tune with what they feel like. I started getting them at about 17 or 18 weeks this time. They still aren't usually uncomfortable or regular, but annoying because they feel so tight and weird and like it can't be fun for him. 
Weight gain: About 4 kilos at my last appointment (two weeks ago). I think that's almost 9 pounds, if my math is right. 
Stretch marks: No new ones yet, I think, but Selah's are kind of maxed out already, so I can't imagine I won't have any distinctly Simon stripes by the end. 
Labor signs: No. But I did start to talk to Katie the other day about our plans for when it happens. We are hoping to make it the hour and fifteen minute drive to the hospital. I'm honestly more worried about having false alarms and getting there and being sent home than having a baby in the car that came too fast. Selah was faster than Abram but not so fast that we didn't have plenty of warning to get to the hospital. So I'm hoping Simon will be the same. 
Other thoughts: You can never predict when you might go into labor - especially months out.  This is hard when you have family who want to try and be here from a foreign country for the birth or right after. I want to avoid an induction, but my parents are about to buy their plane tickets to arrive a few days before his due date. If he's anything like his brother and sister, he will already be here. Despite wanting and needing help with the other kids when we are in the hospital, I would rather have my parents get to spend time with Simon rather than them coming too early and having to leave before he's born or feel pressured into an induction by circumstances. The Lord knows when his birthday is and it will be perfect timing, I know. 

I also know that God gives strength where we are lacking and this is what I have to keep reminding myself with this large child in my small body who still has three months to grow. You'd think I'd be used to it the third time around. But I'm not. 

Don't hurry up, though, Simon. One thing I can appreciate now is a full term, healthy baby, regardless of the physical discomforts. 

...of no sleep

It's 5:30am. Let me do a quick recap of our day today:

8:00am - Abram, Quinn and I wake up
9:00am - Selah wakes up
10:00am - leave for Dubai with Quinn's dad and his suitcase
11:30-7:30 - Do lots of walking around malls in Dubai, looking at stuff, no one sleeping even one wink of a nap, changing blowout poopy diapers with freshly purchased diapers because I have my child's regular pooping figured out, but did not plan for anything out of the ordinary, heave myself into car with frequent, strong, and regular Braxton Hicks contractions wondering if we will be taking a trip to the hospital after the airport. 
7:30-8:30 - Stuck in Dubai traffic, Abram falls asleep, Selah squealing and crying because she is so over tired, mcontractions slowing down. 
8:30 - Drop Quinn's dad off at airport 3.5 hours early for his flight (poor guy).
8:30-10:30 - Drive home.
9:00 - Selah finally falls asleep.  
10:30 - Seamlessly transfer sleeping kids into bed.
11:00 - Fall asleep. 
1:30 - Woken up by Selah talking (that's 4.5 hours of sleep for her and 3 for me - in case you're counting)
2:30 - Quinn brings her into our room to discipline her for not being quiet like she knows she needs to be, only to discover another blowout diaper. Change her, put her back down. Now I definitely am so awake I can't easily fall back to sleep.
3:30 - Selah punished for more noise. 
3:45 - Selah falls asleep. 
3:45-5:30 - I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, but Simon is spazzing out in my abdomen and my brain is spazzing out in my head and I just can't. 
5:30 - I decide to write a blog post and listen to the sounds of at least one of our three newm interns who arrived this week from all over the West up and about and hope that they will start to adjust to their new time zone quickly. 
5:50 - Decide to give sleep another go (knowing I would only get another 2 hours or so) just as Quinn's alarm starts to go off for the morning (meaning it will be going on an off for at least the next hour). 

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a looong day. 

Here are aome picks from our outing in Dubai today, in case you didn't seem them on Facebook. 

Hope you slept/sleep better than we did tonight!