Friday, September 23, 2011

... of dropping out of the blogosphere

I know. I have been very horrible these last few weeks. My blogging has been non existent along with my housework, crafting, and even mothering (to a certain extent). There has been a lot going on, about which I will expound upon later.

We are now in full discipline mode with Abram. He is at the age (10 months!) where he knows what he is doing and he can understand things that we say, but he's difficult to correct because he is very strong willed. I have some friends whose baby girl was so cautious and gentle when she was an infant. I was holding her one time when she was about a year and she was looking at my necklace, but wouldn't touch it. She kept looking at her mom and at me. Finally her mom asked if it was ok if she touched my necklace. Of course it was fine. So she told Siena: "You can touch Anaka's necklace. Be gentle." And this little hand softly took the necklace and looked at it and looked at it and then put it back down. I remember thinking, "Oh, I hope my kids are like this!" Well, maybe my next one will be like that. Abram has already broken one of my necklaces and the rest of them have massive amounts of saliva on them. Yesterday I put him down for a nap and he grabbed my hair with both hands as I laid him down and he would NOT let go. He's smart. I'll give him that.

I've also been bad about taking pictures and videos the last few weeks. But I do have a few. Almost all of them are in his high chair. I guess it's because he's getting more self sufficient with feeding and so even though I have to be there with him, I'm not doing too much so I remember to get out the camera. It's also the time when the most mess happens. Like his lunch of pasta with marinara that Quinn bought.

I told Quinn to get a very plain pasta sauce. Something with mainly just tomatoes and olive oil. No spicy stuff or whatever. To Quinn that translated to: "Buy the most expensive pasta sauce you can find". I'm not sure why. When I told him that the pasta sauce he got turned Abram and the high chair and me orange, he said, "Well, it was the most expensive one in the store." ...??...

The one video I've gotten of him waving also happens to include me doing what I call my "in the mouth voice". It is essentially the untalented person's ventriloquism, where I just puff up my cheeks and talk inside my mouth. It's really embarrassing, but Abram seems to like it.

He is also doing this really sweet thing where he has started patting my shoulder when I'm holding him. I usually pat his back, so it's like he's returning the comfort. And it really is sweet and comforting. It's like he's saying: "I know it's been a hard day, Mom, but we're doing ok."

And the other day at a meeting with a bunch of our friends, he woke up from a nap and was brought out into the living room with about 15 people and so he spent about 5 minutes in my lap, snuggled up on my shoulder trying to get his bearings.

It was blissful. He is NOT a snuggler, so this was big news. Enough that Quinn got out the camera to make sure it was documented. Then he sat down next to me and kept patting Abram's head and back. I finally realized that Quinn really wanted to hold him, hoping that he would continue snuggling with his Daddy. So I passed him over right as he got his energy back and wouldn't sit still for Quinn. Poor Dada.

These are the friends that got to witness the snuggling.

Quinn and I tried to get him to clap for the camera so we could have documentation of that (because he does it pretty consistently now), but he wouldn't do it. But I like this video because we are sitting on both sides of him and it's like he's super enthralled that we are both there with him playing with him and he's just too happy :) You can also see he 8 teeth pretty well.

So I'll try to be better about pictures and updates. My friend has commissioned me to do a baby shower gift that I need to get done in the next week or so, so between trying to keep the house at least mildly presentable and doing some crafting (which I haven't done in awhile and am pretty excited about), I may not be back for a few days.

But that's enough Abram to keep you satiated, right?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

... of lots of new skills

The boys.

Wow. I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile. I'm pretty sure it's been upwards of a week, but I'm too lazy to check.

We've been busy and when I'm not busy, I'm lazy. Do you ever find that? It's like the busier I am, the more I'm likely to do absolutely nothing in my down time. I'd rather be moderately active all of the time - in principle - but I know it just doesn't work like that.

Abram has been sleeping a lot actually, but his nap times, for me, have consisted of pricing garage sale items, making garage sale signs, reading the Word, doing the elliptical, and showering... and sometimes trying to take a nap myself. Those don't usually work out, though, because I end up just being able to fall asleep right when he wakes up. Oh well.

So I don't know if it's something I've done or if he would have just settled into this routine regardless, but the last two weeks have been gloriously consistent for the Babram. The main thing that I've been doing different is waking him up for his first feeding in the morning. I was always kind of opposed to this, thinking that I might be depriving myself of more sleep if he happened to sleep until 7 or later. But I found that when he did that, he was totally off for the rest of the day. So instead, I have been waking him up between 6 and 6:30 (whenever I can get the motivation to get myself out of bed), nursing him, changing his diaper, and putting him back in his crib. Sometimes it takes him 10-15 minutes to go back to sleep, but he does. And then he pretty consistently wakes up for the day and for breakfast around 9-9:30.

This has been our schedule (pretty much) for the last two weeks:
6:15 - Nurse, go back to sleep
9:15 - Wake up, nurse, breakfast, play for a bit
11:00 - Nap
1:00 - Wake up, nurse, lunch
1:45 - Errands (or playtime if we don't go anywhere, but I usually try to get us out of the house)
3:30 - Nap
5:15 - Wake up, nurse, snack
6:00 - Pick up Daddy from work (which will change when we get the car our friends are giving
7:00 - Bottle, dinner, bath time, guitar time, reading (unless we are somewhere at night)
8:30 - Bedtime

Abram loves guitar time. Sometimes he tries to help Quinn play.

I think he's going to play guitar when he's older. He's getting a good start.

Anyway, I think that's the biggest Abram development as of late. And here are some of the other things that he is learning how to do:
-Stand without support (he's done this once for about 5 seconds!)
-Wave (just started that on Tuesday)
-High five (inconsistently)
-Sign "more" and "all done" (after we do it, but that's the first step, I think)
-Say "uh oh". It sounds more like "uh uh". But we know what he means.
-Walk along furniture (He still knows that crawling is faster, though).
-Climb onto couches if he has something to step on (like our legs)
-Drop down from couches
-He's started carrying his favorite things around in his mouth while he crawls around. His favorite thing right now is a turtle I made for him when I was pregnant. He just shoves a leg in his mouth and heads across the room. Not sure why he thinks he needs to do that. But it's pretty cute.

-Eat a wide variety of table foods including: pasta with red sauce, toast with cheese, bananas, peas, and black beans.

I want him to eat more table foods, but I have a hard time keeping stuff in the house. I am realizing how much Quinn and I eat "quick" things or go out to eat. The fact that Abram is now starting to eat what we are eating will change our eating habits, whether we like it or not... but it's all for the best.

So that's a big update on us. The garage sale went well, by the way. Most of the big stuff went, but we still have a good amount of small stuff... and a futon. This was Abram helping out at the sale:

And finally a cute video of Abram chewing on a container and subsequent funny mouth: