Sunday, August 28, 2011

... of a little noise machine

Abram has a chorus of noises he likes to make. Shrieking still probably tops the list, but he's getting good at making lots of other sounds. Some of them require our help.

As stated, it's the only way that I can get him to let me wipe his face after eating without a serious amount of fussiness. This is way cuter that fussiness, so I am happy to oblige him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

... of taking after Daddy

While Abram may look more like me and my baby pictures, he definitely has Quinn's build. We went for his well check today and he is 16 lbs 12.8 oz (which is the 5th percentile) and 28 inches long (the 50th percentile). Long and skinny. What else could we expect?

Quinn has also been known to not be able to wear nice things because he often spills food on himself. While I don't think that's actually happened in a little while, it's definitely something that I found kind of endearing when we were dating. I think it may have been his nerves :) Anyway, Abram may have gotten the QRS messy eating gene as well. We started using that solid food net feeder thing and it's been great for teaching him how to chew, but bananas and blueberries aren't the cleanest thing to put in there.

Enjoying lounging and being fed by mom.

Checking it out.

Feeding himself (what a big eyed cutie pants).

Getting the hang of it.

He liked bits of melted cheese on a thin whole wheat bagel for two days, but today he didn't like it as much and he kept taking them from me and turning to the side of his highchair and dropping them where it was hard for me to catch. Punk.

Definitely got my overbite and four consequent chins.


So good.

We also has a climbing-out-of-things/dangerosity day today. He tried to climb out of his highchair twice while I was just grabbing something from the counter. The first time I barely caught him before he was actually on the tray (yes, he was strapped in, in case you were wondering). Our Ikea high chair was unfortunately not built for such hijinks. He got a bottom swat for the first time in his life. I didn't like it probably as much as he didn't like it, but I liked it more than him falling head first from two and a half feet onto our tile floor. A new high chair may be in order. He also tried to climb out of the shopping cart seat today and wouldn't sit back down without crying loudly. I wanted to tell the passersby that he really is only like this 5 percent of the time and that just happened to be one of the 5. But I didn't.

Despite the absurdity of today's feedings, meal times are usually Abram and my happiest and most fun times. I think this video was from yesterday. And, yes, he is wearing the same onesie, thank you very much. I do not even feel the need to justify that. So there.

Well, Quinn and I each had a very long day and he is being a dutiful father and reading the entire 11 page 9 month well check newsletter that we got from our wonderful pediatrician today. We will be heading for bed very shortly, but I just want to share that, despite our 9:00 dinner and very tired selves, this is what we ate:

Pretty tasty (and easy), if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

... of our 9 month well check

Abram turned 9 months on the 17th. I have seen all these cool ideas on pinterest of documenting every new month with a sign in the same spot and the same type of clothes, etc. My friend Brittany is really good at doing this with her son and I have to say that you won't regret it, Brit! I always have the best intentions and then never get around to it. Maybe if I'd done it from the very beginning it would be more of a priority, but alas. Each month goes by with no special pictures and no special sign. But pictures are definitely being taken. So not to worry, Abrafans.

We went in for his 9 month well check after we got back from Idaho and we did the weighing and length process while he was screaming in hunger. He was 16.2 lbs. He was 14.8 at his 6 month. so he's put on a pound and a half in three months. That doesn't seem like much to me, but no one seemed worried. They were worried, however, when I told them that he had been running a 100.4 fever for 4 days in Idaho with a rash and a few projectile vomits. So we traded a well check for a sick visit and some antibiotics for a small ear infection.

And now we are going in for the real well check, with our regular doctor who we love (and who just happened to be at the church service when Abram was dedicated two weeks ago!) It will be interesting to see if he's put on any weight in two weeks, because he hasn't been nursing very well (I think that's mostly my "fault", unfortunately). We'll see.

Abram went on a walk with Daddy in the Bjorn with some pretty cool 1950's looking zinc oxide baby sunscreen on his little nose.

And here is what he does every time we put him in his pack n play. The smooshed face is almost always accompanied by some scream-crying. He knows that the pack n play is like his holding cell while we try to get a few things done, or pack up the car and we will be coming back for him in a few seconds. So he thinks he he cries, it's making us come back sooner. Ah well, I can't resist that cute little smooshed face, anyway.

Finally, a video of us playing with our food at snack time.

Probably not the best idea, Mommy. Oh! And he ate bits of melted cheddar on a toasted whole wheat bagel yesterday and hasn't seemed to have any reaction to the dairy (no change in attitude, no gas, no spitting up). And he really seemed to like it. So we are slowly making strides in the table food direction!

So we will update with all of the stats after tomorrow morning and our very early doctor's appointment. We need the grace of God to get us through an appointment that had to be booked during his "back to bed" early nap time. But He is able!

Friday, August 19, 2011

... of bedroom safety

Abram is now able to pull up on anything and everything. He actually likes to stand more than sit. Sometimes, when he is playing with something on the floor, he will go from crawling pose to a "downward dog" type pose (for you yoga types out there) and just kind of hang out like that. Needless to say, he definitely is standing up in his crib. We need to lower the mattress. Like, tomorrow. It's on our to do list. Thankfully he did figure out how to sit back down as soon as he learned to pull himself up, so that's nice.

He's also chewing on his crib rail now.

This is obviously worrisome for many reasons. One of which is that his saw-like bottom teeth could easily take out chunks of the wood and he could swallow/choke on them. We'd also like to be able to sell the crib when we don't need it anymore. So I've been looking into the rail covers, assuming that I would buy one of the plastic ones. But as I was looking around, I saw a cloth one with velcro and thought: "I could do that!" So I did. But with snaps. During his nap. It was very easy - as you can probably see. It has a layer of fleece in the middle, so it's fairly well padded.

We had one snap misplacement issue (so it looks loose in the middle in this picture), but it's fixed now.

Pretty much the second I put it on he started sucking on it.

This made me realize that I might need to make another one with some modifications if I don't end up getting the plastic kind. I realized that I could use a vinyl-type fabric that wouldn't soak as easily. Or I might need to buy some organic, undyed fabric, because I'm a little worried about him sucking the dye out of the fabric (namely the green fleece in the middle). I guess I will be able to tell if that's happening if the top layer starts to turn green.

Other things we've done today (as of 3:00pm):

We "swam" for a little while.
He kept trying to stand up on the side of the pool and I told him no and moved him somewhere else to distract him about 20 times. We finally just went inside. But it was first time wearing his Charlie Banana swim diaper! I was glad he finally had something to wear because I like taking pictures of him in the pool, but he was always naked. My friend and I just had a conversation last night about how it felt weird to put pictures of our babies' "stuff" on the internet, even though they are babies. And you know how many pictures of Abram end up on the internet, so I like him to always look modest (i.e. not totally naked) or I don't share the pictures.

We also watched a Baby Einstein video this morning (words around the house). I think he's watched Baby Einstein four other times in his life and he hasn't seen one in about 2 months. This was the first time he was really "watching" it to the point that I thought he might actually learn something. But his favorite part, by far, was the little girl who did the sign language for all of the words.

Marlee Matlin was doing the signs at other points, too, but Abram was not interested in her. He only has eyes for cute, little, sign language girl. I may end up being able to do a "ladies man" blog with lots of documentation before this kid is even one year old. Oh. No.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

... of a little narcissist?!

Hopefully not. Hopefully we are, instead, on the verge of a very smart baby who realizes that when Mommy takes pictures of him and then can immediately show them to him, that is a technology we should all get excited about!

Abram and I spend one good playtime each day in his room. It's small and childproofed with lots of entertaining things and it keeps the Bubba content for good, long periods of time. He usually does lots of cute new things in there and so I always have the camera close by so I can try and capture the moment (mainly for Daddy, but you all reap the benefits as well). Yesterday I got these shots as he explored the room and I laid on his floor with him:

Most of the pictures were a little blurry because this is what was happening to the camera strap:

Next time, I need to open the blinds so I can get better lighting and not have to use the flash. Noted.

So Abram's most recent enjoyment is looking at himself on the camera. He likes looking at any thing on any screen, really. But just yesterday, he started actually laughing while he was looking at pictures of himself. I know this because there were other pictures in between those pictures and this picture I got of him the other day:

Namely these pictures I took of some stuff I made during his naps the last few days:

(Personalized pillow blocks for our friends' new baby).


(Fabric catch alls I mimicked from something I saw here )

(Like my new labels? They are little and simple and I love them! Thanks to InkedPapers on etsy and a very quick photoshop logo design (without my artist husbands help or anything!). But I digress)...

Anyway, he only laughed and smiled when the pictures of him appeared. So I took this video on the other camera of him looking at himself.

(Wish I could have edited out the end of that...)

And then took this picture of him while he was watching said video.

So I'm hoping that he is just a really smart kid and not a narcissist. I feel more assured of that because he has a book of first words (along with pictures of the words, obviously) and the first two are "girl" and "boy" with smiling faces and he loves these much more than "shoe" or "sock" or "truck", etc. with "cat" coming in a close second (it's an orange cat that looks kind of like Obie).
But this is the kid who smiles at every person who smiles at him as long as we are holding him. He does it much more with females, though... what a flirt. Hopefully we are not on the verge of a ladies man. I think Quinn may pray against that daily.

And I just had to share this cute little angelic, double cowlick head with you.

What a doll baby.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

... of saying goodbye

Not to you. Don't worry, my friends (or, more accurately, Abram's friends).

I have recently been convicted about my sugar intake. More specifically "sweets". Because I do not have a fruit eating problem, but rather a cookie, cake, fruit roll ups, chocolate, and Popsicle eating problem. My good friend Katie helped me realize how out of control I really was (through her wonderful honesty and openness) and I have decided that it is high time that I stop eating like a nursing mother, since I don't plan on being one for much longer. I am aiming for a year with Abram, but it may end up being more like 11 months and since he is 9 months tomorrow (!), I need to start now.

So yesterday was my first day of trying to avoid "sweets". I did fairly well, I guess. I had a fruit smoothie with unsweetened almond milk (which was sadly bland, but I'll get used to it) and a handful of chocolate flavored rice cake minis. They are probably just as bad, but I reasoned that they were mainly rice, so they couldn't be that bad. Well, there were only a few left in the bag and now they are no longer an option in my cupboard, so I guess that's good.

There are, however, still things in my cupboard and freezer that were calling out to me all day yesterday and I'm sure they will start up again this afternoon. Namely, these guys:

For about the last 3 months, I have been having an unbelievably-wonderful-in-these-over-100 -degree-weather-days Blue Bell fudge bar almost every day. Now there are about 5 or 6 left in this box and I really, really wanted my daily fix yesterday. But through prayer and distraction, I abstained. Katie and I are checking up with each other about how much sugar we are eating each day and it was a big help knowing that she was praying for me and I would have to report a fudgesicle on my list to her if I indulged. It wasn't worth it.

Also, that box next to it is something I picked up in the Ikea food section with my sister the other day. They are called Princess Cakes or "Froedinge" (Which would mean "cold things" in German, so I'm assuming something similar in Swedish). They are a sponge cake with cream and raspberry filling covered in marzipan. I had never had one before, but thought they looked incredible. Quinn and I split one the other day and I would have to rename that thing "sugar bomb". Even with my desensitized taste buds, it was a little much for me. So they might be easier to avoid. They were really good, but now I understand why they are so small.

One of my biggest weaknesses is Lucky Charms in the morning. Usually a large bowl constitutes my "first breakfast" around 6 after Abram's early morning dream feeding. I usually stay up for a little while to feed the cat, read the Word, and eat my Lucky Charms. Well, I ran out of them the other day and I've been going back to bed with Abram and trying to read at another time during the day. So that's worked out well. But I miss them. So today I made myself a turkey, provolone, spinach, tomato, and egg sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin. It was my only breakfast, which was an accomplishment in and of itself.

Abram was jealous.

My final hurdle that I have to overcome in this endeavor is that I really like to snack. I always just grab whatever is the easiest, which is why I have a problem with cookies, candy, and popsicles. I am not going to buy them anymore, so that will help, but I have to figure out a substitute. I want to try pre-cutting and preparing fruits and vegetables that I can just grab when I want something. But I've also found that a handful of these guys really help with my desire to just be putting something in my mouth.

They are the Gerber rice snacks that I give Abram. There are 25 calories in a 1/2 cup. I mean, they are basically air, but if I just want something a little sweet and a little crunchy, they are a better option than a few cookies, right? There are better options of baby cereal out there, actually. Like the Happy Baby brand has organic ones that are only naturally sweetened. They are significantly less sweet, but just as crunchy and airy. I have to admit that when I feed them to Abram for a snack, I have one every time he has one... but he eats better when he sees us eating! I should probably stop that, I know.

There's my confession. And I'm putting it out there so that if I fall off the wagon, I will have to endure a blog shaming. I did this when I gave up TV for a week when I was pregnant and I made it through. Although, I quickly returned to my couch potato self. It wasn't until I had a baby and we canceled cable that I got that in check. Now I just watch a little of the Today show and maybe the two episodes of Jeopardy in the afternoon if Abram is asleep or snacking. I love me some Jeopardy.

So goodbye, Sweets! It was very, very nice to know you. Maybe you can stop by for a visit every once in awhile, but you will not be allowed to stay or I just might keep you.

Oh! I almost forgot! A cute video of what Abram does when he is all done nursing or eating.

This confuses me a little bit because we have been doing the actual all done sign (waving both hands in the air) since he was 5 months old and never taught him how to do... whatever he's doing. But it's pretty cute. And he knows we like it, which is why I'm sure he keeps doing it. It's amazing how smart they actually are, huh?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

... of nothing, really

Just some cuteso videos of our funny little Bubba. For you, Abram fam and fans.

He is getting dedicated at church tomorrow morning... very near nap time. So we shall see how that all turns out.

Happy Sabbath!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

... of an absurd amount of vacation photos

"Hey man, check out my hawk."

Well, I really really tried to post a blog this past week while I was in Colorado and Idaho, but it just didn't happen. Too much to do and too little familiarity with other people's computers. Next time I think I will just suck it up and bring mine.

So there is really just too much to talk recount from our week with our wonderful families. So I will use the pictures do a breif recap.

No pictures from the 4 plane rides, but traveling alone with Abram was much, much harder than I anticipated. It made me appreciate my wonderful husband even more. Luckily the flight from Austin to Denver was the only one I had to endure in the early morning hours with a sleepy but stubborn baby all alone. We got to Colorado to spend a few days with my mom and dad (Nana and Papa - as Abram knows them).

It was so nice in Colorado! I really didn't want to leave in large part due to the weather. Mid 80's people! So nice. I also love that Colorado and Idaho grass is so much better than Texas grass. In Texas we don't really have grass. We have prickly, bug filled... stuff... that no child can really play in comfortably. So Abram got his first grass time!

So pretty!

Abram got to play his first piano with Papa, too.

He got tickled a lot by Mommy and Nana,

(Some video proof):

wrestled with Papa,

Skyped with Daddy:

Had a messy lunch with some of Nana's friends,

And played with Nana's big abacus.

Look at those teeth!

And wrapped up our time in Colorado with some pictures with Nana and Papa.

But it's hard to get a 9 month old to stay still for too long.

Then we left for the airport and stopped off for a few minutes to say hi to great grandpa Roy. Abram felt a little hot to us and we took his temperature right before we left on Friday afternoon and it was 100.4. That started a wonderful 4 days of checking his temp 5-6 times a day and keeping a 100 degree fever in check with children's tylenol at least twice a day. So Boise was a little more stressful than Colorado.

Quinn met us in the Denver airport and we all flew together (very late at night) into Boise and were greeted by Quinn's dad and step-mom. We were way too tired to take out the camera. Sorry, guys :(

On Saturday, I got a massage and a haircut (which is the only reason my hair was straightened) and then we went to a very beautiful wedding. It was Gae's sister in law's daughter's wedding. So pretty. It was in Quinn's aunt and uncle's back yard which is right on the Boise River and was too amazing. We got some good pictures of family while we were there.

Quinn and I.

Our little fam.

Abram and Aunt Hilary.

Bopa Scott and Grandma Gae.

Uncle Todd and Aunt Hilly.

Cousin Jamie and Aunt Jan.

Abram loving Grandma Gae's necklace.

Uncle Todd, Aunt Hilary, Uncle Pete, Bopa Scott, Grandma Gae, Quinn, Me, and Abram-San.

Sunday was the Smith party and Quinn sadly forgot his camera for this event. (Shame, shame Quinn Smith!) So cousin Larissa was the family photographer for the day and will hopefully send us some of the fun shots from that day sometime soon so I can share them with you (No hurry though, Larissa :)

Abram got to stroll around municipal park with cousin Silas.

The weather in Idaho was so nice, too. It was almost too cold for Quinn and my Texas bodies in the mornings!

And we got to have dinner at Todd and Hilary's house one night. Everyone was there, including Todd's kids Alex and Lizzy (who are 14 and 11 now)!

Abram played with Silas's toys and Silas was very good at sharing.

Even though it looks like he's about to punch Abram in this picture. He wasn't.

Uncle Pete did a great job entertaining a tired Abram:

I think I found Pete's new profile picture! :)

We got to visit for a few minutes with Great Grandma Smith again before we left for the airport.

Love her.

And took off from Boise with a 2.5 hour layover in Denver where Abram honed his people watching skills.

So there it is. A super brief (from my perspective) account of our week in two states with about 50 family members. Abram is such a trooper. He came away from the plane rides with a small cold and an ear infection (according to our doctor's visit today). So when he wakes up from his tossy, turny nap he's been so good to take, we will be going to the store to pick up a prescription for some antibiotics. He hasn't been eating well at all for the last few days and I'm hoping that once we get him feeling better, he'll pick up right where he left off.

"Ok. No more pictures, please!"