Wednesday, November 30, 2011

... of Christmas decorations

We are going to Boise for Christmas this year. Last year we stayed here because Abram was only a few weeks old and we got ourselves a real tree. It was the first real tree I've ever had. It smelled really good. So that was nice. The mess it created was not so nice. Our cat was also a little hard to control around it and I have a feeling that a cat and a one year old would be exponentially harder to control. So, needless to say, we are not having a tree this year. Not worth it.

So we only have a few Christmas things up, but it's enough to feel like Christmas really is on the verge.

We hung our stockings. Abram has his own with his name now. I also made some "bunting". I didn't know that's what little flags on a string were called until pinterest. Quinn told me the other day exactly what "hallelujah" means (after hearing a John Piper sermon, of course). It basically means "Come on! Let's worship the Lord!" Pretty cool. So I thought Quinn would appreciate some bunting that said "Hallelujah".

Hard to get in one picture and still read.

It really shouldn't have taken very long, except that I chose fabric that looked good together close up, but didn't contrast enough from far away. Even after stitching the letters on the machine with red thread, you couldn't really read it. So I hand embroidered with bright red around all the letters. Short, one nap project becomes longer, two nap project because Anaka didn't use her brain. I plead pregnancy brain.

We also have our nativity and advent candles set up. Last year, we were able to have them on a low table that was a bit more visible, but with very inquisitive little eyes and hands checking out everything they can, it needed to be higher this year.

So those are our decorations. Few, but intentional, and we like 'em! It's also getting colder here in Austin, so that's helping contribute to the Christmasy feeling. Abram and I went on a walk yesterday. We had to bundle up a bit and my nose was dripping like a faucet (from my old cold that I got over, gave to Quinn, and he gave back to me), but it was a nice chilly/sunny walk. And Abram got to wear his new shoes that we bought with birthday money from Uncle Joe and Aunt Shirley!

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good...
rest of your first week of December."

Sunday, November 27, 2011

... of December

The house is so quiet now! It's very surreal to just be alone with Quinn for the first time in over a week. We don't really know what to do. We are trying to have a day of rest, but there are so many things to do, it's hard to put them all out of my head and focus on rest. So we are doing things like going out to eat, blogging, talking to people on the phone, and I would imagine that a nap will be in my not too distant future. Tomorrow we will return to reality: Quinn back to work, me putting away literally "loads" of laundry and doing more "loads" of laundry. Why is there so much laundry!?

At any rate, it was a really good birthday/Thanksgiving week. Having so much family in town is really such a blessing, even if it means the post departure to do list might be a bit longer.

We went down to my sister and brother in law's house in San Antonio for Thanksgiving day and night. Don't judge, but we had ham, because it's soooo much easier. My sister did most of the big stuff and we all brought a side item. So we had the complete feast. It was excellent. Here are some pictures from the day:

Grandpa and Grammy Ward at the dinner table.

My dad and I with full bellies (mine was full of a little less food and a little more baby).

Abram playing with Grammy's pretty necklace (so gently!)

On a walk with Eric, Quinn, my dad, and Fenway through some in-development land.

Fenway, ready to be unleashed!

Quinn stealing Fenway's bed.

Liesl and Eric sharing Fenway's bed.

We also got some good Nana and Papa shots.

Those are some good looking people!

The next day, we came back up to Austin (minus Eric who had to go in for a 30 hour orthopedic surgery call on Friday at 5am). We spent the time swapping out Fenway and Obadiah every few hours because Obie is a dog attacking punk. We also did a little shopping, some laying around, and a lot of playing with Abram.

There was also a lot of face licking and "Fenway! Off!" going on.

Abram is also working on giving hugs. Man, it was cute. I got one too, but the picture of mine looks like my head isn't attached to my body, so I am not including it here. But let me tell you: having your child hug you (when they are not a naturally snuggly baby) is just about the best feeling you'll ever experience. Here are Nana and Aunt Liesl's hugs:

Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving. I was definitely less tired than last Thanksgiving, but I had the same wonderful people around me. I am beyond blessed and have so much to be thankful for every single day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

... of the complete birthday haul

Nana and Papa are coming into town tonight with the end of Abram's birthday presents. And then we will be done. He doesn't understand the concept of presents (or unwrapping), but he sure enjoys new stuff... uh oh.

Oo! Speaking of "uh-oh", Abram is now saying it perfectly clear. He mastered the "oh" sound the other day and is now calling Obie "Oh". Very cute.

Here are some pictures of Abram enjoying his birthday stash:

An alphabet book from Uncle Allan, Aunt Pam, Larissa, and Andrea

Balloon from Sam, Jenny, and Chloe Kwon
car from Grandma Gae and Bopa Scott

Super neat nursery rhyme book from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Barbara

Money from Grandpa and Grandma Ward

Target gift card from Aunt Liesl and Uncle Eric

Money from neighbors Robert, Sharon, and Blake :)

Sock Monkey from Uncle Dean, Aunt Cindy, Larson, and Olivia

This kid got way more presents than we had planned. But he loves them all! Thank you to all of our wonderful family members and friends who were so generous to our bug.

And here are a few pictures from the end of Grandma Gae and Bopa Scott's visit when we went to Central Market.

That happy bug gets even more grandparent love this week! What will he do when they all leave? Mommy is not half as entertaining as all these wonderful people. Guess he'll have to deal.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

... of party recovery

Birthday party success! Abram enjoyed himself. We enjoyed having friends and family here. Now we are sitting here in the living room enjoying some presents from Grandma and Bopa and getting ready to eat some left over Pok-e-joes from the party.

So for those of you who were not here, enjoy the pictorial evidence of the 1st birthday fun. First, some people who came to the festivities:

Miss Lacy and Abram's awesome balloon from the Kwons!

Bryan and Ryan

Grandma Gae and our friends Shanda and Dave's sweet baby girl, Elliot.

Jenny and Chloe Kwon

Robert and Blake

Danny and his adorable daughter, Zoe (who I think looks just like her mom, Abby).

Aunt Liesl, Uncle Eric, and cousin Fenway :)

Close up of the party animal.

Abram's amazing birthday cake, made by friend Melissa Martinez!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Concentrating on the cake

The chorus of singers

Family shot

First bite of cake (or any "sweets") ever.
It was carrot cake. At least he was getting veggies!

Attempting it himself.

Oh yeah. Cake face.

Grandma and Bopa recording the action.

Mommy wants a bite.

Thank you, Bug.

Mmmm... Good.

Birthday walk with Daddy.

Good bye from this tired Mom and happy baby.